My Photo Album-2: "Aravind and Suri"

Aravind is Suri’s nephew. When Aravind laughs, his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, why, his whole being seems to laugh (as can be seen from his photo taken when he was 18 months old). He has endeared himself to Suri and has become Suri’s pet. He has been residing at Suri’s house from his 4th year. Now Aravind is studying 4th Std. When Suri is with Aravind, Suri seems to forget all his worries and become child like Aravind. Aravind has charmed everybody around.

Thank you, My Lord, for sending Aravind to me!

(The above photo was taken by my friend, Mr.R.Annamalai. A great artist is hidden in him. He can draw, paint and take charming photos. He is also spiritual seeker. I shall write about him with a few of his pictures at the next opportunity.)


One Response to “My Photo Album-2: "Aravind and Suri"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    SURI ,U R VERY LUCKY. I don’t know where to look for my Arvind.-nellai.

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