My Photo Album-4: "Rajeev and Suri"

Rajeev is Suri’s another pet. Suri learned one of the greatest truths of life from Rajeev. When he was just less than 4 years old, Rajeev was travelling from Chennai to Karaikudi by a bus. As they boarded the bus at Tambaram, Rajeev’s family had to sit at different places in the bus. Rajeev’s neighbour was a mustachioed and authoritative-looking person. Rajeev immediately asked him whether he was a policeman and when he got a affirmative reply, Rajeev plied him with more questions like whether he had a gun in his house etc. Rajeev’s mother who was sitting two seats away, admonished Rajeev for botherering the fellow-passenger. When I learned about this incident, I asked Rajeev how he dared to talk like that to a policeman? His reply, which was a lesson to me, was: “Why should I be afraid when I have not done anything wrong?” Suri exclaimed, “Aha, not knowing this truth, I had wasted about 45 years of my life fearing everybody needlessly!”

I am uploading a few pictures, which Rajeev drew in MS-Paint. I liked them. Hope you will also like them. Now he is 14 years old and doing 9th Std. Alos uploading a photo of Rajeev taken a few years back. Thank you Rajeev, thank you very much!


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