My Photo Album-7: "My son Vinod"

Vinod is my only son. He will be shortly completing his postgraduation in chemistry. I am glad to post three of his photos: one taken as a babe, the second as a kid and the third recently. In the second one, he poses in front of my bookshelf.

2 Responses to “My Photo Album-7: "My son Vinod"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wen u hav more things 2 say abt OTHERS.. Don u find any qualities of ur son attractive? does ur boy hav any adorable quality like that?Think over it!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    from what little I know about face reading, I am sure this boy has inherited many good qualities; seems he is very adament and working in closed quaters;when he realises his strengths and weaknesses and prioritises his goals nothing can stop him from achieving greater hights-–an anonymous face reader.

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