Alternative Medicine-3: "Auto Urine Therapy (AUT)"


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Health and Sickness : Some Fundamental Questions

Even though human beings enjoy a comfortable life due to the advancement of modern science and technology, they lack one essential thing : peace of mind. Further, with all the so-called advancements in modern medicine, there are more diseases than ever before. One thing is clear : the human immune system is getting weakened every day. In spite of all the religious and spiritual practices recommended by different schools of yoga, the human mind and body are becoming more sick. Even as the modern medicine is trying to find remedies/cures for the various existing chronic diseases, new dreadful diseases keep on appearing. Further, the medicines themselves not only damage the human mind and body by their after-effects/side-effects but also cause new and incurable diseases which are called drug-induced diseases or iatrogenic diseases. All these have made us look for alternative systems of medicine. Comforts, luxurious life, wealth, possessions – nothing could be a substitute for a healthy mind and healthy body. So the primary importance for a human being are a healthy mind and a healthy body. Is there no way by which a person can lead a healthy and happy life?

Let us start from evolution. There is agreement between the scientist and the spiritualist on many points of evolution. Life has evolved from lower forms to higher forms, culminating in the human being. Animals seem to lead an easy, happy and uncomplicated life. Only human beings seem to be leading a troubled, worrisome, unhappy and discontented life. Why is this so? We are endowed with a sixth sense and we claim that we are the ultimate in the evolution. Is it then not a pity to lead a life which is miserable and painfully complicated?

Animals seem to be more healthy than human beings! Animals lead a natural life; they eat their food in its natural state i.e. as it is found; they do not try to refine, improve upon or change the form/state. But man, with his developed senses, more often than not, wants to change everything in nature to suit his taste. He wants to conquer nature. He wants variety; he wants to modify everything. He is leading a more and more artificial life. If you take food, it is cooked mostly with so many other things, depending on the individual’s taste, and taken mostly not in the natural state. By this way, man changes or modifies the innate properties of the original substances. Are we to come to the conclusion that this is the reason for his troubles, especially his impaired health?

In the evolutionary process, all forms of life are endowed with senses, instincts and capabilities as demanded by their needs, environment and period of life.

Animals lead a natural life; they take life as it comes; as for food, they eat what they get and they do not try to change, refine or modify it. They do not fall sick normally. When they fall sick or injured, they know how to cure themselves. They do not go to a doctor or seek any outside advice or help.

Great souls belonging to different places, periods, philosophies and religions tell us that there is a definite goal to life. The philosophers have put it as ‘KNOW THYSELF’. For attaining this goal, a sixth sense is required and that is why man is endowed with this faculty. Impelled by this sixth sense, man seeks to know the cause and effect of every action in the universe. He is also endowed with two capable hands. Utilizing his intellect and hands, he has developed many sophisticated equipments and instruments. Using these, he has found ways to produce many newer, newer things. This is according to man’s nature or destiny. So it is only natural that he wants to change, modify and improve upon everything.

It follows from the above that diseases and ailments are unavoidable. It is strange that in the case of animals their instinct guides them to avoid things that are harmful or painful. But in the case of human beings, their instinct seems to fail in this regard. Let us discuss some examples.

1. Sheep can take stramonium and calatropis with impunity. But cattle avoid them as they are harmful to them. Both are guided by their instinct.

2. A stage in the life of many insects is called larva. Larva do not have the faculty of vision. Yet they eat leaves that suit them and avoid other things that are harmful to them. Of these larva, what is suitable varies from type to type.
3. Normally common salt, onion, tamarind, ginger, garlic, pepper, custard and chillies cannot be consumed by human beings as such. So they mix them in different proportions and modify them suitably. Then it becomes palatable and can be consumed. It may be noted here that a thing which was difficult to consume in its original state, becomes consumable when it is suitably modified.

4. Due to our modern way of life, we handle a lot of chemicals, minerals and metals and some of them get into our system. As they have their own properties, they react with our system.

Almost everything human beings consume has the ability to disturb the mind and the body. This is the basis on which the entire system of Homoeopathy has been built. A study of the Homoeopathic materia medica clearly proves this.

If the above is true, one may ask then why all human beings are not affected uniformly. The variation is due to many factors like genetics, physiology, type of food, character, thoughts, environment, time, action, stage of life, habits, idiosyncrasies etc. According to this variation and the quality and quantity of the substance consumed, the affection/disturbance also varies. Hence the cause and effect relationship in these cases is not simple but highly complex, individualistic and variable. These reactions/disturbances may not be visible to the naked eye, or easily observable or measurable, or immediate or direct i.e. one may not be able to link cause to the effect.

Now two questions arise: Are human beings destined to suffer? Is the evolutionary process defective?

In this universe, experts perceive a set pattern, precision and regularity which goes to prove that the evolutionary process is systematic and nothing happens by accident. One can observe this in lower forms of life i.e. animals and insects also. So it is a natural corollary that this should apply to human beings also. So the answer for the above two questions is a big NO.

So we cannot hold the evolutionary process or destiny responsible for the sufferings of human beings. So evolution must have provided built-in protective systems or defence mechanisms in human beings for overcoming their problems like diseases and ailments. Again the protective system or defence mechanism should naturally indicate simple and easily accessible remedies for the various problems in every human being. We have already seen that animals find their own cures and do not go to anybody for treatment or advice. So this must be the case in human beings also. Now where to look for this remedy? Where is the clue to such a remedy?

Man differs from animals in his physique, mind, intellect, senses and abilities. Both the cause and the effect for all his troubles should also lie in these five faculties. If you apply dialectics, the curative aspects must also be present in these. In self-realization also, these faculties play a crucial role.

Evolution provides organs, senses and instinct to suit the needs, aims and environment. Every organ and its structure have been evolved by nature after great study and struggle so that it becomes fit for survival. No organ is unnecessary. To call any organ a waste or vestige is wrong. To cite a few examples from the animal kingdom: The woodpecker has got a peculiar beak so that it is able to find its prey. The kingfisher has got the ability to vertical landing and vertical take-off and has got powerful eyes to find its prey. The fish has got fins to swim easily. The frog is amphibian; so it has got a body to suit this.

The female kangaroo has got a pouch to carry its offspring. This is something very special and peculiar. Let us go into this a little deeper and see the details. The kangaroo is a mammal and the adult kangaroo is about 3 feet tall. It moves very fast from place to place by vertical jumping. As such, the pregnant kangaroo needs special protection; otherwise, due to shock it will abort. Hence nature has made the size of the embryo disproportionately small and the baby kangaroo is also disproportionately small. At the time of birth, the baby kangaroo measures about 1” x ½”. The baby kangaroo spends its first six months in the pouch in the belly of its mother. Incidentally, the mammary glands are also inside the pouch for nursing the baby kangaroo. One can how thoughtful nature is. Let us now see the elephant.

The elephant is also a mammal. Its structure is also very special and peculiar. It is so tall and so bulky. With its clumsy size, drinking water would have been very difficult, if not impossible, but for its long and flexible trunk. By its trunk, it sucks water and drinks it. Here also nature has made special provisions to suit the needs of the elephant.

Now let us go to man, who has evolved from four-legged animal. While evolving from the horizontal posture to vertical posture, the two fore-legs have become hands for man. In this mutation, the hands naturally and easily reach the genitals. Further, man has the ability to cup his hands for holding any substance safely. There must be some significance in this. What is it?

Let us take some other forms of life. For example, lion, tiger, giraffe, monkey, sheep, cattle and lizard consume their own urine directly. (They do not have a vessel or anything else. They directly consume it) Further, they lick the mucus membrane of their offspring immediately after their birth. Further, they consume the urine of their offspring. Those that are not able to consume their own urine, consume the urine of other members of their group. Even though it may look strange and odd to us, it comes natural to them. They also smell their own genitals or that of others in their own group and lick them. This can be easily observed if you watch dogs, sheep and cattle. Why do they do this?

There are three things common to all living beings: some food for survival and growth, a place to live in and procreation. But unlike animals, man does not consume urine. In the case of man, the human physiology does not facilitate direct consumption of one’s own urine. Further, instinct also does not seem to guide man in this regard. Moreover, urine is universally considered as an excretion and hence man has developed an aversion to it.

Animals that consume urine do not seem to have diseases and ailments like human beings. Is there a relationship between their health and consumption of urine? Bulls when castrated or unwell, consume urine only, that too frequently. They start losing flesh within a few days. To avoid this, a metal or wooden collar is fixed on their necks, which prevents them from consuming their urine. This procedure is followed in villages even now. The question arises now why do the animals consume urine? To overcome the pain and shock of castration or other illness, they do this. SO URINE MUST HAVE THE ABILITY TO CURE DISEASES AND AILMENTS.

The lower forms of life seem to have been endowed with this instinct to overcome ailments caused by natural calamities and to heal wounds caused by other animals, as mammals are provided with the mammary glands to suckle their offspring. So human beings also must have some faculty or provision to overcome/tackle such situations.

A common objection raised against this is that it may be so in the case of animals, as they are guided by their instinct. But it cannot be so for human beings who are civilized and cultured.

Health is the basic requisite for a happy life for any being. The different forms of life find their own way of maintaining their health and finding a cure when they fall ill, except human beings. Human beings seek the help of others when they fall ill. They are not able to cure themselves. Actually everybody should be able to cure himself without the help of others.

By instinct, the calf runs to its mother and sucks milk from her udder. In the case of human beings, it is the mother who has to take the baby to her breast and the child does not know where to find the milk. It just cries. So the instinct to find its own food is lacking in the human child. The mother also does not feed the baby by instinct. Knowledge gained through observation or experience only guides the mother. Similarly, the instinct fails in finding cures for ailments and diseases. It is knowledge that guides in these cases.

Animals consume water directly through their mouth, except elephants. Human beings also can directly drink water through their mouth. But they normally use a vessel. Further, human beings can hold water in their hands and drink from them. The cupped hands, when raised, automatically reach the mouth. The forehands normally rest near the genitals. So they can take urine in their hands and can drink it from the hands directly. This provision is lacking in other forms of life. Only man is endowed with this facility. This is because man is prone to all sorts of diseases and ailments due to his way of life. He can consume his urine frequently.

Urine is not an excretion

Now let us think: Is it right to consider urine as an excretion? It may be noted that the seminal fluid also comes out through the urinal passage only. How could the life-force use a passage that is used by urine, which is considered an excretion and is supposed to contain harmful germs? It is well known that no living being consumes its own excretion. But we know animals consume their own urine. So urine cannot be an excretion.

Some scientists have studied the composition of urine and have come out with the report that it normally contains about 19 minerals required by human system. Just as human blood is transformed into milk, a part of the human blood is transformed into urine. We do not consider milk as an excretion. On the other hand, it is highly regarded as a nutrient and disease-fighter.

Urine Therapy before we are born?

A foetus floats in amniotic fluid, which consists mainly of urine. The foetus drinks some of this fluid every day and urinates it out again. A cycle which helps build up the body and internal organs(12). This is accepted by modern medicine. Of living forms, mammals are the highly evolved beings. All mammals when they are in the form of foetus live in the amniotic fluid following the above cycle for their growth and development.

The Presence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Urine

Many people think that pathogenic micro-organisms are present in urine and feel that it would cause diseases. This doubt has been clarified in the book, AUTO-URINE THERAPY (Ref.No.4) as follows:-

That the urine of ninety out of a hundred persons is completely free from all kinds of bacteria is an incontrovertible fact. Even doctors and pathologists will testify to the validity of this statement. The reason is plain: Urine does not come in contact with the external atmosphere at all till after elimination. That leaves the remaining ten per cent persons whose urine shows the presence of some kinds of micro-organisms. Drinking such urine containing bacteria should have no harmful effects. Actually the atmosphere around us, the air we inhale, the food we eat and the water we drink – all these harbour micro-organisms. But the natural resistance power of the body destroy these micro-organisms.

In fact the belief that diseases are caused by infection with micro-organisms does not rest on solid foundations. The micro-organisms that are supposed to cause various diseases are always present in our surroundings, our saliva, and in all parts of our bodies. But we do not suffer from all these diseases all the time. Moreover, the drugs used in the Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic or Unani systems of medicine possess no antibiotic properties, but they do successfully cure diseases. Other therapeutic systems such as Nature cure, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magnetotherapy etc., are not based on the mass destruction of bacteria, but they are unquestionably effective in curing diseases.

….it is an experimentally well-established truth that even patients suffering from venereal diseases or diseases of the urinary tract, whose urine is most certainly full of micro-organisms are in fact cured by drinking this urine despite the presence of the micro-organisms.

Composition Of Urine

The following are the average quantities of the various substances listed below (in milligrams), in 100 millilitres of urine as reported in INTRODUCTION TO BIOCHEMISTRY by Dr.Pharon:-


1. Urea nitrogen 682.00
2. Urea 1459.00
3. Creatinin nitrogen 36.00
4. Creatinin 97.20
5. Uric acid nitrogen 12.30
6. Uric acid 36.90
7. Amino nitrogen 9.70
8. Ammonia nitrogen 57.00
9. Sodium 212.00
10. Potassium 137.00
11. Calcium 19.50
12. Magnesium 11.30
13. Chloride 314.00
14. Total sulphate 91.00
15. Inorganic sulphate 83.00
16. Inorganic phosphate 127.00
17. N/10 acid 27.80

Some other important constituents of urine :-


1. Amylase (diastase)
2. Lactic dehydrogenase (L.D.H.)
3. Leucine amino-peptidase (L.A.P.)
4. Urokinase


1. Catechol amines
2. Hydroxy-steroids
3. 17-Catostreroids
4. Erthropoietine
5. Adenylate cyclase
6. Prostaglandins
7. Sex hormones


1. Copper
2. Urobilinogen

Dr.A.H.Free published a book in 1975 by name, “URINALYSIS IN CLINICAL LABORATORY PRACTICE” in which he says that the following constituents are normally excreted daily by our system with the statement that they were by no means exhaustive.

Alanine 38 mg/day
Arginine 32 mg/day
Ascorbic acid 30 mg/day
Allantoin 12 mg/day
Amino acids 2.1 g/day
Bicarbonate 140 mg/day
Biotin 35 mg/day
Calcium 23 mg/day
Creatinine 1.4 mg/day
Cystine 120 mg/day
Dopamine 0.40 mg/day
Epinephrine 0.01 mg/day
Folic acid 4 mg/day
Glucose 100 mg/day
Glutamic acid 308 mg/day
Glycine 455 mg/day
Inositol 14 mg/day
Iodine 0.25 mg/day
Iron 0.5 mg/day
Lysine 56 mg/day
Magnesium 100 mg/day
Manganese 0.5 mg/day
Methionine 10 mg/day
Nitrogen 15 g/day
Ornithine 10 mg/day
Pantothenic acid 3 mg/day
Phenylalanine 21 mg/day
organic 9 mg/day
Potassium 2.5 mg/day
Proteins, total 5 mg/day
Riboflavin 0.9 mg/day
Tryptophan 28 mg/day
Tyrosine 50 mg/day
Urea 24.5 mg/day
Vitamin B6 100 mg/day
Vitamin B12 0.043 mg/day
Zinc 1.4 mg/day

In her paper on SHIVAMBU SHASTRA : Healing with Urine Therapy Ms Natalia Perera of Australia explains in detail actions, benefits, applications and the science behind Urine Therapy (Nexus Magazine, Vol.9, No.4 (June-July 2002) ( paper enclosed as an Annexure).

There is a strong possibility of there being several other beneficial substances not yet known to science, in addition to the above substances, present in urine. They may be present in minuscule quantities and yet they may play a major role.

HOW AUT WORKS : A Comparison with Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is based on the principle, what can cause can cure. This is called the Law of Similars. That is, a crude substance which can cause disease-like symptoms in a healthy person can be used as a remedy, when given in minute doses, to a person whose symptoms match the symptoms of the remedy. For example, the extract of cinchona bark is able to cure ague, as it produces symptoms similiar to ague, when administered to a healthy person. The remedy is usually given in minute doses say in the 30th or 200th potency. 30th potency means the ratio of the medicine to the base is 100-30 and 200th potency means, 100-200 . The quantity is so minute it can be expressed only exponentially and there is no other way. So you can imagine how minute the dose is!

How Minuscule Quantity Works

Some researches on Homoeopathic medicines provide some ideas about how minuscule quantities or microdoses work. However, more scientific research has to be carried out for a thorough understanding of the issue. Unfortunately nobody seems to care or think about this. We furnish below excerpts from published reports which give clear proof that microdoses or minuscle quantities work. I hope and pray that soon somebody would take up this important work in right earnest.

1. Excerpt from an article by Dr.Peter Fisher in the British Journal of Homoeopathy, which was reprinted in the Homoeopathic Heritage, Oct.1988:-

“On 30 June 1988 issue of Nature, the leading international scientific journal (more than 100 years old and is from the House of Macmillans), published an important scientific paper, dealing with Homoeopathy. The paper was signed by a large team of scientists led by Prof.Jacque Benveniste, a biologist, of the highly-regarded French National institute for Scientific Research in Medicine (INSERM). Prof.Benveniste and a team of 13 Canadian, Israeli and Italian scientists have discovered that a Molecule diluted until it no longer exists can behave as if it was still there, and that the diluted liquid retains the molecule’s “memory”. The discovery, Which upsets all established molecular knowledge, is so surprising to the Scientific community that the team has been trying to disprove its own finding for three years, but has kept returning to the same result.

This discovery defies current scientific understanding, because of this and mindful of its reputation as the number one scientific journal, Nature was extremely reluctant to publish it. The first version of the paper was submitted to Nature in 1985. Nature’s experts demanded repetitions by other independent laboratories and elaborate precautions against mistakes, error and fraud. As a result, after three years, the research has now been repeated in six reputable independent laboratories in four countries (France, Italy, Israel and Canada) with elaborate precautions – and the conclusions repeatedly confirmed!”

2. Excerpts from the Times of India dated 12 July 1988:-

“Many scientists have said that there was no evidence that products used in Homoeopathic medicine can cure illness, but supporters say the new discovery (by Prof.Benveniste and team) could show that the products retained their “memory” of substances that have curing qualities.”

“If there was one certainty in our biological universe until now, it was that for every function there was a corresponding molecule. Our studies show the existence of a molecular type effect in the absence of the molecule,” said Prof.Benveniste. He began his research in 1985 with a relatively simple question, could it be proved that homoeopathic medicines had a biologial effect on people. According to Avagadro’s law, a molecule no longer existed when it is diluted beyond 10 to the power of 23. The research team’s work is the first time it has been suggested that a molecule could have a biological memory. In the past three years, Prof.Benveniste says, the experiments have continued to show that a chemical reaction could still be produced even when the molecule has been diluted until it no longer existed.

The Nobel Laureaute, Jean Marie Lahn, said: “These results are disturbing, very, very disturbing. I do not see how in biology, in the absence of a molecule, information about that molecule can be transmitted.”

3. Excerpt from an article published in the Newsweek of 25 July 1988 :-

“Startling findings have emerged from separate experiments in France, Italy, Israel and Canada. Researchers led by immunologist, Prof.Jacque Benveniste of University of Paris-South, exposed certain white blood cells to an antibody that alters their chemistry and internal structure. The team has discovered – to the disbelief of many in the scientific community – that the blood cells changed even when the antibody solution was so dilute that not a single molecule of antibody could have been present. The finding, if true, would radically alter science’s views of matter. Benveniste theorizes that water may hold the “memory” of a substance it once contained; this phantom imprint, he speculates, is formed when the electromagnetic field of a molecule changes the water’s structure. Benveniste’s work suggests that microdoses can be biologically active.”

Dr.Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy says, for every disease the remedy is usually available in nearby areas. He also explains cure as speedy and smooth restoration to normal health, without side-effects or bad effects. Further, medicine is not prescribed on the basis of disease symptoms. Rather, peculiar, uncommon, rare individualistic symptoms only are taken for finding the remedy. If medicines are to be prescribed on individuality, how many medicines would be required for entire population of the world, which is sick one way or the other!

According to eastern sages, the life-force centres around the genitals and they call it “MULADHARA”, the Basic Centre or the Genetic Centre. The life-force pervades the body as a bio-magnetic current and sustains life. It also functions as the immune power, the defence mechanism. The life-force is deranged by hereditory defects or genetic factors, faulty food-habits, unnatural way of life, external attack, which in turn, affects the human mind and body. This affection takes the form of different diseases, depending on environment, situation and opportunity. A part of the factors of affection or disease also comes out of the urine, maybe in minuscule quantity. So urine therapy is very similar to Homoeopathy.

Recent scientific findings conclusively prove that DNA is responsible for one’s character, behaviour, susceptibility to a particular disease etc. In other words, everything depends on the DNA. When a person is ill/diseased, the affected DNA or the DNA responsible for the illness/disease, has to come out through the urine in minuscule quantities. As per the homoeopathic principle, this minuscule quantity of DNA in the urine naturally has the power to cure that illness/disease.

A question may be asked: Urine comes from blood only. So why does it not cure diseases when it is inside? The answer for this is: It acquires medicinal power only after it comes out through the genitals. Urine, when it is present in the impure blood (before purification), is present in crude form. But when it comes out, it becomes a dynamic force.

Then one may ask, why urine therapy and why not homoeopathy? The answer for this is: The Homoeopathic philosophy is very very simple but the practice of Homoeopathy is highly complicated. For perfect cure, the individual’s perfect similimum (similar remedy) has to be found. This is most difficult, if not impossible, even for experts. Further, even for experts, it takes many years to cure a chronic disease. All these difficulties are overcome in AUT.

At the 2nd World Conference on Urine Therapy 1999 held at Gersfeld, Germany during May 13-16, 1999, some possibilities about how AUT works have been discussed briefly which are furnished in the Annexure.

1. Re-absorption of hormones
2. Re-absorption of enzymes
3. Re-absorption of urea
4. Immunological effect
5. Bactericidal and virucidal effect
6. Salt therapy
7. Diuretic effect
8. Transmutation theory
9. Psychological effect


1. In Allopathy:-

(a) In allopathy, during heart surgery, to prevent blood-clot, a medicine is injected. It is called UROKINASE and it is an enzyme generally present in human urine. Even after heart attack it is given to dissolve clots already formed. Dr.Mezel of the Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, USA, injects urokinase into the bodies of victims of heart attacks to abort the attack and save the patient.

(b) Eryhtropoietine, hormone generally present in urine, stimulates the bone marrow to increase the rate of prduction of erythrocytes (red blood corpuscles). This is the reason why a patient of anaemia derives substantial benefit from AUT.

(c) It is now well-established that anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene protect against the diseases of ageing as they attack the free radicals that damage tissue. Uric acid is also an anti-oxidant. So this is also a worthwhile angle to study AUT. This should provide a clue to the longevity of Morarji Desai. (Ref.No.6).

(d) Dr.Salaria, an eminent surgeon of Ahmedabad, makes it a practice to give an injection of auto-urine before undertaking surgery so as to forestall any risk of overburdening or harming the heart during or after the operation.

(e) Dr.Albert Sezent Georgyi, a Nobel Laureate, has carried out a number of experiments testing the effect of methyl glyoxal, a constituent of urine, on cancer patients, with onsiderable success.

(f) It is believed by some researchers that urine acts like a vaccine, promoting the generation of antibodies that fight and overcome the agencies that cause disorders, thus resisting and curing diseases.

(g) Scientists have discovered that cow’s urine helps human cells to increase their power of assimilating medicines. So the quantity of medicines can be reduced and thereby the risk of side-effects are very much minimized. Further, cow’s urine is claimed to increase the power of medicines to destroy disease-causing organisms, especially medicines used for cancer and tuberculosis, from 2 times to 80 times. They have filed a patent in USA for this. This news has appeared in the British journal. “Chemistry & Industry”

2. In Siddha Medical System:-

Siddha system of medicine prepares a remedy from the human urine and it is called, “ AMURI”. Amuri means a thing which is capable of giving longevity.

Further, in the Siddha Materia Medica, auto-urine is recommnded for drinking directly for certain diseases like insect-bites, anaemia, rheumatic disorders etc.

3. In Ayurvedic System of Medicine:-

Drinking one’s own urine as a remedy for diseases is mentioned in Ayurveda in many of its ancient works like ‘YOGA RATNAKAR’ , ‘SUSRUTA SAMHITA’ etc.

Advantages Of AUT

1. Very simple
2. The problems of selection of the right potency and perfect similimum are
3. Natural
4. No side-effects or bad-effects
5. Speedy and Smooth restoration of health
6. Free and no expenditure is involved
7. The services of physicians are done away with.
8. Disease diagnosis is not necessary.
9. Surgery can be avoided in most cases.
10. Immune power is increased

Some examples to substantiate the various claims made above:-

1. Support from Hindu scriptures

(a) Hindu scriptures mention Creation, Preservation and Destruction as the three functions of the Almighty. The human genitals also perform these three functions. The first point i.e. creation is obvious as in conception and birth the genitals are involved. The biomagnetic current from the sexual vital fluid and urine do the second function of preservation. Immune power depends on the sexual vital fluid and as such, over-indulgence reduces the immune power and as a result one becomes an easy prey to all sorts of diseases. Finally this also leads to death. Saint Tirumoolar in his “Tirumanthiram” confirms this.

(b) Detailed discussion of auto-urine therapy is found in “DAMAR TANTRA”, a Hindu scripture, wherein Lord Shiva extolls the virtues and methods of AUT to his consort, Parvathi. AUT is referred to as “SHIVAMBU KALPA” in the above scripture.

(c) The ‘sivalingam’ in Hindu temples is a symbolic representation of the male and female genitals. Commonly lingam is known as the phallic symbol. The base of the sivalingam connotes the female genital. Saivites consider the sivalingam as a symbolic representation of the above three functions of the Almighty. The sivalingam is bathed (abishekam) and the water falling from the lingam is taken as holy water (theertham) and is considered to possess curative properties and also the purifying power.

(d) The Tamil sage, Manickavasagar, in his TIRUVASAGAM (HOLY WORD) mentions the following: “The elephant has only one trunk, which it uses to drink water or any other liquid. But God has endowed me with, NOT ONE, BUT two wonderful hands to drink. As I did not know the real significance of this provision, I had undergo all sorts of suffering. But when I realized its significance, all my sorrows disappeared”

My interpretation is: We all know how to use our hands to eat food or drink water right from our childhood. Here Manickavasagar says that he did not know that God has provided him two hands to FEED. Hence this must have a special meaning. What could that be? In my view, it could only mean FOR TAKING SHIVAMBU i.e. he did not realize till then that these hands are provided for, among other things, taking shivambu, which cures all our diseases and drives away all our sorrows.

(e) The Tamil sage, Tiruvalluvar, in his TIRUKKURAL writes as follows in the chapter on Medicine:-

“Marunthena Vendavaam Yakkaikku Arunthiyathu
Arrathu Potri Unin.”

This is generally translated as, “The body does not need any medicine, if one takes food after what he has already taken is completely digested.”

My interpretation is: “One does not require any medicine(“marunthu”), if one takes the fluid that the body (“yakkai”) releases after assimilating what it needs. The word “arunthiyathu” means “what is drunk” and refers only to liquid. “Arrathu” means remainder. The word “potri” is a special word, which generally means “deep appreciation with reverence” and is generally used in the worship of God only. So if one understands and appreciates the benefic effects of urine and uses it properly, only will not have any need for any other medicine. In other words, Tiruvalluvar wants us to have reverential attitude towards urine.

2. Support from Parsi customs

Drinking the urine of a white bull forms an important step in the ceremonies connected with the first shaving of a male child (the Navajot ceremony) and those connected with marriages among Parsis.

3. Support from the Bible

According to J.W.Armstrong, the chief proponent of AUT in modern times, there are clearly worded exhortations in the Holy Bible enjoining people to drink their own urine and to use for external applications and massage: (1) DRINK WATERS OUT OF THINE OWN CISTERN (Old Testament). (2) WHEN THOU FASTEST, ANOINT THY HEAD AND WASH YOUR FACE (New Testament, Mathew 6-17).

4. Support from Jain scriptures

Shlokas 41 and 42 of “VYAVAHAARSUTRA” by the learned Jain Acharya Bhadrabahu also mention that one must drink one’s own urine while taking a vow or undertaking the regular performance of a religious ritual.

5. Support from Buddhist literature

The great Tibetan Yogi, Milarepa has stated that the Tibetan Buddhist monks and Lamas are able to perform exacting penances and live long and healthy lives by drinking their own urine. (The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, Boulder and London, 1977).

6. Support from an English Treatise on Therapeutics

Much information regarding the prophylactic and healing properties of auto-urine has been given in the English treatise on therapeutics, SALMON’S ENGLISH PHYSICIAN, published in 1695.

7. Support from 18th century French dentists

The 18th century French dentists used to recommend rubbing one’s urine on the teeth and gargling with it, for the treatment of various dental disorders.

8. Support from the customs of Gypsies and Sailors

Gypsies and sailors have for centuries been using auto-urine for maintenance of health, preservation of youth, increasing their life span and healing wounds quickly. They were able to tackle emergencies during their travels by AUT.

9. Support from Ayurvedic system of medicine

Drinking of one’s own urine is mentioned in Ayuveda in many of its ancient works like “YOGARATNAGAR”, “ SUSRUTA SAMHITA” etc.

10. Support from Siddha system of medicine

Siddha system of medicine prepares a remedy from the human urine and it is called, “ AMURI”. Amuri means a thing which is capable of giving longevity.

In Siddha material medica, drinking one’s own urine is recommended for various diseases like insect-bites, anaemia, rheumatic conditions etc.

11. Support from Allopathy

In allopathy, during heart surgery, to prevent blood-clot, a medicine is injected. It is called UROKINASE and it is an enzyme generally present in human urine. Even after heart attack it is given to dissolve clots already formed. Dr.Mezel of the Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, USA, injects urokinase into the bodies of victims of heart attacks to abort the attack and save the patient.

12. Support from Folk Lore/Local customs in Tamilnadu

(a) Even today, in rural Tamilnadu, after bathing babies, the water dripping through the genitals is taken in hand and a few drops are fed to the babies.

(b) Even today in Tamilnadu, parents chide their erring children by citing good children and by saying: “Drink his urine” (Then only you will also become good like him)

(c) In Tamilnadu, especially in rural areas, persons suffering from acute allergic skin disorders like itching eruptions, mix their urine with ash and apply the paste all over the affected areas even today.

(d) For inveterate skin diseases, urine of donkeys and horses are consumed internally in Tamilnadu.

Further, for insect-bites like scorpion, snake, bee, wasp etc, urine is externally applied and internally taken by village folk even today.

(e) Cow’s urine is used to purify the house after death or such bad occurrences in ceremonies called “PUNYAHAVACHANAM”. After the ceremony, a holy water containing cow’s urine is taken by all in the house. This is supposed to purify the individuals.

(f) In Tamil, there is a saying: “KAIKKU YETTIYATHU VAIKKU YETTAVILLAI” i.e. That which is accessible to the hand is not accessible to the mouth. In the case of some animals, their genitals are accessible to their mouth. But in the case of human beings, it is not so. They will have to use their hands (i.e. to take urine from the genitals to the mouth). This also implies that urine is a panacea. Due to ignorance, people don’t use it and roam here and there in search of medicine.

(g) It is interesting to note here that in scriptures the following sloga appears: ‘ROGA ADVAITA, AUSHADHA ADVAITA’ which means “DISEASE IS ONE AND MEDICINE IS ALSO ONE”. Disease takes different forms depending upon the susceptibility of the individual but it is actually one. Hence medicine for that disease is also one and not many.

(h) According to the philosophy, Dialectics of Nature, pair of opposites always co-exist. If you apply this principle to health, disease and medicine co-exist. When a person is diseased, the remedy for the disease is inside him only. He doesn’t need any medicine from outside.

(i) By taking potent drugs which are not supported any scientific philosophy we may destroy disease symptoms but the disease is not cured. Still worse, these drugs weaken the defence mechanism of the patient. So he becomes susceptible to many diseases.

(j) There is another saying in Tamil: “IRUKKUM IDATHTHAI VITTU ILLATHA IDAM THEDI YENGENKO ALAIKINRAR GNANATHANGAME, AVAR YETHUM ARIYARADI”. The implied meaning of this is: Everybody is endowed with a cure-all, which is built-in. But due to ignorance they go hither and thither in search of a cure.

(k) There is another saying in Tamil: “KAIKKUM VAIKKUM YETTUTHU”. It literally means Hand-to-Mouth existence. But the implied meaning is: By consuming the urine, taken by the hand, I am leading a normal life.

(l) There is yet another saying in Tamil: “KAIYAL AAGATHAVAN” which means: “One who does not know how to use the hands” The implied meaning here is: “One who has failed to take his urine (to cure himself).”

(m) Another popular saying in Tamil: “KAIYIL VENNAIYAI VAITHUKKONDU NEIKKU ALAINTHAN”, which means that one has butter in his hand and yet searches for ghee. The implied meaning here is: “Everyone has this provision to protect himself; yet people without using it, search hither and thither for protection.”

(n) Where the physician is not readily available, one takes some home remedy which is called in Tamil as ‘KAI MARUNTHU’, which means literally ‘Hand Medicine’. This phrase must have originated from the forgotten custom of taking one’s own urine for any disease without waiting for anything else.

(o) In sanskrit, urine is called “MOOTHRAM”. (In Tamil also, this word means the same thing). It means: LIFE-SUSTAINING liquid (Moo = Life force; Sthram = stable , steady)

(p) In Tamil, the following three words are used together: Mooppu, Pini, Sakkadu. “Mooppu” means pre-mature old age. “Pini” means sufferings due to disease; “Sakkadu” means pre-mature death. Siddha system called the medicine which cures these three as “Muppu”. Though it is mentioned in Siddha literature, the present-day Siddha practitioners do not seem to know what it is. Our contention is this is nothing but urine.

(q) The Tamil sage Tiruvalluvar in his immortal work “Tirukkural” says: “MIKINUM KURAIYINUM NOI SEYYUM” i.e. Imbalance (both excess and deficiency) causes disease. There should be a balance in everything i.e. generally the middle path is recommended in life. The human genitals are situated in the middle part of the human body.

(r) The word medicine itself is derived from the word MEDIUM i.e. middle.

(s) Matter has only three states: Solid, Liquid and Gas. In this also, the middle state is liquid. For human beings, the liquid obtained from the middle part is urine.

(t) The Tamil term for medicine is “MARUNTHU”. It consists of two parts: “maru” + “unthu” i.e. another force. When the biomagnetic current that sustains life (unthu) is affected, illness, disease or ailment occurs. To restore normalcy, another force (maru unthu) is required. The life-sustaining force releases another force through the genitals, which has the capacity to restore health. Urine is that force and it recharges the system and thus restores health.

(u) The Tamil word, “KAILAYAM” means the abode of Lord Shiva. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is one of the Trinity, who is in charge of dissolution. He is also considered as Destroyer of Evil forces. Kailayam has become synonym for Lord Shiva and it is common practice among the worshippers of Lord Shiva to name their children as Kailasam, which is a modified form of Kailayam. The word Kailayam can be split as follows: Kai + Layam i.e. Hand + Stable. The implied meaning here is: “Place where hands rest i.e. genitals”

As a corollary, symbol of Lord Shiva is SIVALINGAM. Lingam has another meaning, which is genitals. All these point out curative power or the power to destroy disease or simply immune power lies near the genitals.

13. Testimony of Great Personalities

(a) It is well known that Late Mr.Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of India, who lived up to 100 years, was a strong proponent of AUT.

(b) Dr.Jivaraj Mehta, former Chief Minister of Gujarat, was also an adherent of AUT.

14. Support from latest studies

(a) Eryhtropoietine, a hormone generally present in urine, stimulates the bone marrow to increase the rate of prduction of erythrocytes (red blood corpuscles). This is the reason why a patient of anaemia derives substantial benefit from AUT.

(b) It is now well-established that anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene protect against the diseases of ageing as they attack the free radicals that damage tissue. Uric acid is also an anti-oxidant. So this is also a worthwhile angle to study AUT. This should provide a clue to the longevity of Morarji Desai. (Ref.No.6).

(c) Dr.Salaria, an eminent surgeon of Ahmedabad, makes it a practice to give an injection of auto-urine before undertaking surgery so as to forestall any risk of overburdening or harming the heart during or after the operation.

(d) Dr.Albert Sezent Georgyi, a Nobel Laureate, has carried out a number of experiments testing the effect of methyl glyoxal, a constituent of urine, on cancer patients, with considerable success.

(e) Urea, a constituent of urine, is a diuretic and increases the efficiency of the kidneys. (Bihar School of Yoga)

(f) Urine is a tonic that strengthens the body, and an ‘elixir’ that confers longevity. (Bihar School of Yoga)

(g) It is believed by some researchers that urine acts like a vaccine, promoting the generation of antibodies that fight and overcome the agencies that cause disorders, thus resisting and curing diseases.

15. Some other supports

(a) Some years back there was an earthquake near Pune, Maharashtra State, India. Two persons were caught in the debris and were rescued after more than ten days. They were living on air and auto-urine only. When they were rescued, they were found to be in good condition, in spite of all the physical and mental shock.

(b) In the recent Taiwan earthquake, a man was rescued after five days. He was also living on air and auto-urine only. He was in perfect health when rescued in spite of the physical and mental shock.

(c) Fishermen, when stranded at sea, generally have nothing to eat or drink. Still they manage to live on air and auto-urine, even for ten to fifteen days. This is well known in many parts of the world.

(d) According to a newspaper report, some years back a Taiwanese tourist was apprehended at a Japanese airport as his appearance and the age mentioned in the passport did not seem to corroborate. His age was mentioned as 65 in the passport, whereas he looked 35. Finally it was found out the suspicion was unfounded. When asked about the secret of his youthful appearance, he confided that he had been practising AUT from early age.


J.W.Armstrong treated 40,000 cases with AUT and most of the cases were cured. (Ref.No.5 – Page 23). Similarly, in India, Raojibhai Patel cured many cases in India with AUT ( Swami Bhumanantha of Divine Life Society,Rasipuram,Tamilnadu,India also helped many people in curing themselves by AUT. ( Even though I have helped a lot of people suffering from diverse diseases, I am giving below only a few important cases as limitations of space etc prevent me from furnishing them all. It can be seen that many of these are dreaded diseases.

1. Valvular Heart Disease

My brother’s son, at the age of 12, had the following problems: Pain in joints, anaemia, giddiness, weakness, difficult breathing. On the advice of the physician, ECG and Scanning were done. The tests reavealed a hole in the heart valve. So it was diagnosed as valvular heart disease. (This report is available with me). The physician informed that only operation could cure the problem and that the operation had to be performed in two months. In the meantime, he was prescribed a lot of medicines, including Penidure injection. Instead of administering the medicines, AUT was tried under my supervision from December 1992. After 5 days, he was able to climb the stairs freely. After ten days, he started running. After 25 days, he was completely free from all his problems. He was sent to the same physician again for check-up. All his symptoms had disappeared and the physician refused to believe it was the same boy. He is a hale and healthy youth of 27 years now.

In fact, more than 100 cases have been treated by AUT and all the cases have been successful.

2. Ischaemic Heart Disease and other complications

Dr.T.C.S.Veeramani, B.Sc, M.B.B.S., F.C.G.P., Kochi, a 78-year-old allopathy physician (now 80 years old), had severe Ischaemic Heart Disease and he underwent angioplasty in January 2001. He is also a diabetic. (Fasting sugar 220 mg and post prandial 270) He has been on tablets. Till April 2004, he was free from chest pain. But, in April 2003, he developed chest pain. He had to take Isordil 5 mg under the tongue. The pain will subside in 10 minutes, but the pain will reappear, if he climbs even 4 or 5 steps. He started taking AUT from February 2004. He has written a letter 105 days after taking AUT, in which he says all his problems have vanished. He can do even strenuous exercise without any difficulty what so ever. He can shout at the top of his pitch. He can sing loudly. Further, his face has become very bright and many mistake him for a 60-year-old.

Further, he also had C.O.P.D., prostate enlargement and hypertension. After AUT, these have also vanished.

After AUT, the post prandial blood sugar is only 110 or 120, even after taking a lot of ice-cream and “payasam” (a kind of sweet porridge).

Moreover, he had floaters in his eyes from his 10th year of age. Floaters like cotton wool moving when when he looked up and moved his eye balls. Amazingly, 50% of that has also disappeared.

3. Mitral Regurgitation

A youth aged 18, had pain in the knees and shortness of breath even after slightest exertion. He was also very lean. He was referred to Vijaya Hospital – Vijaya Heart Foundation, Chennai, during Dec.1997. Echocardiographic report revealed that he had mitral valve prolapse due to which there was mitral regurgitation. For two years he had been undergoing treatment without any improvement. He came to me during Oct.1999. All medicines were stopped. After four months of AUT, everything became normal. Now there is no pain and no shortness of breath. He is able to walk three kilometres daily without any dificulty. He got married recently and is leading normal life.

4. Uterus Tumour

During 1996, an unmarried 18-year old girl came to me with the complaint of severe pains during menses. Driven by fear of pain, she was taking tablets to avoid menstruation which was the cause of pain. However, she could not escape pain completely. After thorough check-up in a leading allopathy hospital, it was diagnosed that she had uterus tumour. The physician advised immediate operation, as otherwise her life was in danger. As the girl was unmarried, the operation would have meant that she would have to remain a spinster all her life. It was a painful decision for her parents. They wanted to know whether there was some other alternative. They had learnt about me through their friends and came to me. I explained to them about AUT and as they were desperate, they followed my advice. She was taking urine orally and did not follow my advice about fasting and external application. However, she got complete relief from pain within a month. After that she was convinced of the efficacy of the system and started following my advice completely i.e. fasting, external rubbing and oral consumption. She was cured completely and the medical check-up also confirmed this. After that, she got married and now she is a mother of a child.

5. Leprosy

During 1993, a young girl, aged 14, came to me, who had leprotic patch in the left cheek, measuring 4 The skin specialist confirmed it and informed that prolonged treatment would prevent further spread of the disease. On my advice, she followed AUT. Within 30 days, it disappeared and there was sensation in that spot.

6. Chronic Headache

Man aged 45, had been suffering from chronic headache for over 15 years. Medicines only provided a little palliation and no cure seemed to be possible. AUT was given from 1994 and within 20 days he got cured and till date, he has no headache.

7. Asthma

An unmarried youth, aged 25, had asthma for more than 2 years. Medicines provided only relief. He had to take powerful medicines daily. He started AUT from June 1998. AUT gradually cured him in 20 days and he has been free from asthma to date.

8. Epilepsy

Weaver, aged 28, had epileptic fits every 15 days. After the attack, he would have fever and would rest for two days. AUT was taken from 1995 and he has been cured completely in two months.

9. Discharging Eruptions

A newly married youth, aged 27, had severe eruptions all over below the hip. This was affecting his marital life, as it caused aversion. He would take injections. One course of injections would give relief for 15 days and after that the problem would recur. There seemed to be no cure. AUT ( started in 1992) completely cured him in 15 days.

10. Blood Cancer (Myloid Leukaemia)

Case 1

Woman, aged 30, had blood cancer. The physicians had informed that the disease was incurable and her days were numbered. AUT (started in 1994) completely cured her in one month. Even today she continues to be in good health, without any health problem.

Case 2

Youth aged 20, was diagnosed by the Erskine Hospital (now Rajaji Govt Hospital), Madurai, as having myloid leukaemia in December 2001. The patient had the following apparent symptoms with the disease: fever with chillness, loss of appetite, emaciation of body and muscular pain. His T.C. was 1.5 lakhs/c.m.m. He took allopathy treatment for three months without any improvement. Finally, he was advised bone marrow transplanation.

At this stage he came to me. On my advice, he stopped all the medication and started practising AUT. Amazingly, from the very next improvements started: fever disappeared; appetite improved; muscular pain also disappeared; Gradually, the T.C. also started decreasing. After three months, T.C. was perfectly normal. For more than 5 years, he was in good health without any problem. As he was not having any visible complaint, unfortunately he stopped AUT during the middle of 2006. During Feb.2007, he started bleeding through the nose. T.C. was checked and found to be 2.5 lakhs. Then he tried other treatments. He has not been practicing AUT for nearly 18 months and it did not occur to him to try it again. He passed away tragically on June 17, 2007. This is a point to be noted by all who follow AUT, especially patients with chronic and killer diseases. These people should not stop AUT on any account. If they do, they run the risk of recurrence of the disease. It is inferred that some chronic and killer diseases even though disappear from the surface, may remain dormant. It takes a long time to get rid of them totally. Patience and perseverance on the part of the patient is a must.

However, more than 20 cases of blood cancer have been completely cured by AUT.

11. Diabetes

Man aged, 30, had cracks in his genitals. On check-up, his case was found to be a severe case of diabetes (4+). Allopathic treatment could only give a little palliation. The crack in the genitals and sugar in blood continued unabated. His marital life was affected. AUT was commenced in 1993. Within 25 days, the cracks disappeared and the blood/urine sugar was normal. He has become a firm believer in AUT and has been practising AUT since then.

12. Albumin in Urine

Man, aged 65, had swelling all over body. On check-up, he was found to have albumin in urine. So he was taking food without salt and had been using diuretics for more than 10 years. AUT (commenced during 1996) completely cured him in two months. He is hale and healthy today.

13. Throat Cancer

A poor woman, aged 35, had throat cancer in the advanced stage. Daily she had to spend Rs.40/- towards medicine, which she could not afford. So she was brought to me. Her family wanted something inexpensive to prolong her life a little more. AUT (commenced in 1993) cured her completely in 45 days. To date, she has been leading a normal life.

However, more than patients with various types of cancer like breast cancer, cancer of the lungs and stomach have been completely cured by AUT.

14. Cracks In Palm

Man, aged 45, had cracks in his palms. His hearing had also been impaired for 30 years. His wife came with him. She only narrated the problems of her husband. After AUT (started in 1999), not only the cracks disappeared and but also his hearing was very much improved.

15. Easy Delivery

AUT ensures safe and easy delivery. I can cite the case of my own daughter. She had an attack of polio at the age of 1 month. As result of this, she was completely emaciated below the hips. Right hand was partially affected and it cannot be raised above the shoulder level. As the body was completely emaciated below the hips, she cannot walk and can only crawl. Otherwise she was leading a normal life. She attained puberty at the normal age just like any other girl. Fortunately, a high-thinking and generous-minded person, came forward to marry her. They were married in May 1998. She got conceived and was due for delivery in March 99. Nobody thought that normal delivery would be possible, as even healthy women had to undergo caesarean these days. She has been practising AUT since 1994. A gynaecologist was regularly attending on her. On 13 March 99, my daughter delivered a female child. The delivery was quite normal and easy. She did not require any special treatment or care. So it was a great surprise to everybody including the doctor who attended on her.

16. Conjectivitis (Madras Eye)

As for conjectivitis, I can cite innumerable case studies. To cite one example, male, aged 35, had ‘Madras Eye’ i.e. Redness of eyes, Severe irritation, profuse water discharge from the eyes, agglutination of eye-lids are the symptoms he had. A few drops of his urine were applied locally. Within twenty minutes, irritation disappeared; within six hours, redness disappeared gradually. Next day, he was totally free.

17. Glaucoma

Man, aged 65, came to me for treatment in 2000. Due to glaucoma in the left eye, his vision was affected. He was able to see only through the right eye. He was also diabetic. Further, he also had frequent stools (4 to 5 times a day). The last complaint he had for nearly 15 years. He was taking allopathic medicine for diabetes and eye drops (both allopathic and homoeopathic) for the glaucoma. Even indirect exposure to ordinary daylight even for an hour caused severe irritation in the eyes and the eyes became red. Due to this problem and the stools problem, he was afraid of coming out of his house. His movement was very much restricted. On my advice, he stopped all the medicines and he started taking urine three times a day and was also simultaneously applying urine drops in the eyes. Now he is able to remain in the open for about 4 hours continuously. His bowel movement has become normal and he passes stool only once a day. Blood sugar also became normal. All these improvements started from the fifth day.

18. Kidney Malfunction

Scanning was done on one of my relatives during her conception. Even at that stage, it was diagnosed that the baby had renal problem. After delivery, on the 15th day i.e. on 14 April 2000, a renogram of the boy was taken in the Dept of Nuclear Medicine, Bangalore Institute of Oncology, Bangalore. It revealed “Hydronephrotic left kidney due to PUJ obstruction” and the relative function was measured as: Left 33% and Right 67% (even after administering 4 mg lassix). The physicians cautioned the parents that because of the obstruction the efficiency of the left kidney would go down and a surgery may be necessary. At this stage, the parents contacted me. On my advice, they started giving the baby two spoons of his urine, four times a day. No other medicine was given. On May 23, 2000, another renogram was taken. It showed surprising results. The efficiency of the left kidney had increased by 11% i.e. the relative function of the kidneys was as follows: Left 44% and Right 56%. On 24 March 2001, another renogram report was taken which showed the relative function of the kidneys as: Left 49% and Right 51%. Fortunately, the patient has given me a copy of the report, which is enclosed as Annexure I. The physician was of the opinion this was nothing but a miracle. Another interesting point conveyed by the parents was that the baby has been taking urine with relish.

19. Muscular Dystrophy

Boy aged 12, son of a poor wever, had this serious, incurable problem. Probably around the age of 10, it was noticed that he stumbled and fell down often. The parents did not take serious note of it and probably thought it was due to general weakness. However, by 12, the condition deteriorated and they took him for medical treatment. Enzym tests were carried out and it was found that Serum Creatinine Phosphokinase, which is normally in the range of 10 – 190 units/litre, was 12,000 units/litre. Powerful steroids in heavy doses (10 mg tablets, three times a day) along with other medicines were administered daily, for nearly ten months. But there was no improvement. The Enzyme test alone would cost Rs.1000/- every time. The cost of medicines was nearly Rs.100/- per day. He was brought me during March 2000. All medicines were stopped and he has been undergoing AUT since then. After AUT, there is no stumbling and falling down. Eventhough the improvement has not been very great, the deterioration has been arrested. He has stopped all medicines and has been taking only AUT. I am sure he would be cured even if it takes more time.

20. Malfunction of Thyroid gland:

Girl, aged 21, had been diagnosed as having thyroid disorder. Her report dated 24.10.2001 showed the following values:-

Triiodothyronine (T3) 221.20 (Normal range: 86 to 187)
Thyroxine (T4) 14.60 (Normal range: 4.5 to 12.5)
TSH (RIA) 0.15 (Normal range: 0.40 to 5.00)

After AUT, within two months, another check up was made and the report is as follows:-

Triiodothyronine (T3) 165.50 (Normal range: 86 to 187)
Thyroxine (T4) 9.30 (Normal range: 4.5 to 12.5)
TSH (RIA) 0.05 (Normal range: 0.40 to 5.00)

Her condition has dramatically improved and she has been continuing AUT and am sure she will be totally cured.

21. Psoriasis

Man, aged 35, had been suffering from psoriasis all over the body for more than seven years. He had severe itchikng and scaly desquamation all over the body. He had been taking powerful steroids for this, which has resulted in severe joint pain, making movement very difficult. But there was no improvement regarding psoriasis. After AUT (commenced in 2002), within a month, there was tremendous improvement and the physicians attending on him were surprised and wanted to know what he had been doing. He has been maintaining perfect health and the disease has disappeared completely.

22. Brain Tumour

Girl, aged 12 years, had giddiness and frequent fits. Medical check up revealed that she had brain tumour. Medicines could not provide any relief. This was the condition when she was brought to me. After AUT (commenced in 2001), within two months, she was completely cured.

23. Jaundice

My grandson, aged 4, was diagnosed as having jaundice. His apparent symptoms were: dullness, loss of appetite, fever, pale stool. After AUT (commenced in 2004), he was completely cured and he was not given any other medicine.

24. AIDS :

HIV-afflicted people seldom reveal their conditions to others because of social stigma attached to it. In spite of this, many people ask me whether AUT will cure AIDS. As I have said previously, AUT is ‘Sarva Roha Nivarani’, that is a PANACEA for all diseases. So it will definitely cure AIDS. About 60 AIDS patients have actually approached and they have been practicing AUT. I shall furnish below four such cases only.

First case

Six persons in one family had the treadful disease, AIDS. Western Blot test confirmed it. The head of the family, man aged around 30, had died. The brother of the deceased, brother’s wife, brother’s child, wife of the deceased and the elder son of the deceased have been confirmed as HIV-positive. The strange and peculiar thing was the younger child of the deceased was HIV-negative. This was most intriguing to the attending physicians. Some of them had symtoms like frequent fever, eruptions, loss of weight and muscular pain. They were feeling very much distressed and were suffering unspeakable agony. They heard about AUT and came to me in desperation. They were tearful and were feeling that they had been unjustly afflicted by it as they had no bad habit and have been very good to everybody. Within a week after AUT (commenced in 2002), there was remarkable improvement in their condition. Within 20 days they became normal and after a month, their health has started improving and they were happy mentally also. They are quite hale and healthy even today. They are no longer afraid and have not bothered to undergo any test.

Second case

Male aged 45, HIV type II patient (was confirmed by Western Blot test in 2002), came to me during February 2003; His apparent symptoms were: loss of appetite, itching and emaciation. He started practising AUT from February 2003. Within 15 days, all his apparent symptoms mentioned above vanished. On April 24, 2003, he was tested Madurai Medical College and his Culture/Serology Report showed:-

CD4 count : 327
CD8 count : 1583
CD 4:8 0.21

On December 11, 2003, another test was made by the Madurai Medical College and the CD4/CD8 estimation was:-

CD4 count : 380
CD8 count : 1250
CD 4:8 0.30

As medical experts will testify, there is no medicine which can increase CD4 count in a HIV patient. So this is nothing sort of a miracle.

Even now, he continues to be in good health and hence does not care to go in for another test. However, for the sake of record, I am sending him for test again. As soon as that report becomes available, I shall include that also. However, I have no doubt that his CD4 count would have improved definitely.

Third case

A couple in their thirties, married for only 2 years, had this worry. The wife would conceive but within 2 or 3 months would have miscarriage. This recurred. So they went in for medical check-up. They were stunned when they were told they were HIV positive. Western Blot test also confirmed this. They came to me with that report. I requested them to get their CD4/CD8 estimation. On April 29, 2004, they were tested by the Madurai Medical College. Husband’s CD4 count was 137 and CD8 more than 2000. (Ratio: 0.07). The peculiar thing about this was this is a very severe condition. But the man was not having any outward symptom or suffering. Wife’s CD4 count was 306 and CD8 was 1751 (Ratio: 0.17).

They have been practising AUT since May 2004 and they continue to be in good condition. I have requested them to undergo another test and provide me with the results. Shortly they will be undergoing the text and I am sure there will be definite improvement in their CD4 count and CD4:CD8 ratio.

Fourth case

A girl was married at the age of 18 and lived with her husband for four-and-a-half years. During June 2006, her husband was diagnosed as a HIV patient and towards the end of Feb.2007, he passed away. CD4 test was taken on her on January 3, 2007 and the count was 1059, which confirmed that she is HIV positive. During March 2007, she came to me. She thought she would die shortly and was desperate enough to try anything if that could save her. She started AUT from March 2007 onwards. On June 18, 2007 i.e. after four months of AUT, she went for CD4 test at Namakkal. The count was found to be 1421. This is nothing but a miracle. Because for HIV patients if they stabilize the count that itself is considered to be a great achievement. It is generally believed in the medical world, that there is no way to increase CD4 count of HIV patients. Generally, the CD4 count goes on decreasing in the case of HIV patients and it results in the death of the patient. There was a great sensation in the hospital. Doctors and technicians were not able to believe the results. The grateful patient has written to me in a confident note, saying that she is no longer afraid and expects to get rid of the disease sooner or later.

25. Bite of King Cobra

Ramesh, 46, is a staunch believer and propagater of AUT now. When he came to me in 2003, he did not know much about AUT. After discussing with me, he got very much interested. He did not any health problem. Yet as a preventive, he started taking AUT. During the course of his social work, he went to a very remote village in M.P. in 2006. He went for a walk in the evening and unintentionally stepped on a King Cobra. It stung him in the left big toe. He saw the snake, screamed and became unconscious in three minutes. When he became conscious after three days, he recollected the incident and could not believe himself. Even then the tribals were administering some medicine through the twig bound with a wet cloth. The tribals were administering urine of children continuously through the cloth covered twig inserted into his mouth. He completely recovered and only two scars remain to remind the incident.

The interesting point in this incident is the tribals know the value of AUT and have been following it for generations without the knowledge of the civilized world. They were reluctant to divulge the secret for fear that people would mock them.

26. A case of Chikungunya

More than ten cases of Chikungunya have come to me for consultation. After AUT, within 3-4 days, all of them became normal. This incomparable as in all other systems it takes more time.

27. A case of Gangrene

Man, aged about 40 years, developed gangrene in the left leg. As he entered my room, a cadaveric odour preceded him. Deep ulcer has formed with swelling and pus discharge. He was giving severe pain. As the condition was serious, amputation of part of the leg was being considered. AUT cured him completely within 15 days and thus saved his leg.

28. A case of Bleeding and Protruding Piles

A man, who was HIV positive, suffering from bleeding and protruding piles, came to me. Every time he passed stools, there was profuse bleeding As he was HIV positive, it was thought useless to treat him as he would die soon anyway. With AUT, the bleeding stopped the next day itself. Within a week all other complaints like loss of appetite, muscular pain, fever and insomnia disappeared. After 10 days, the protrusion disappeared.

29. My own case

I am myself a beneficiary of AUT. At the age of 5, I had an attack of polio (fortunately I escaped without any deformity). At the age of 7, I had whooping cough. At the age of 10, I had an attack of tuberculosis. Added to this, I had inferiority complex, mainly due to the indifferent attitude and harsh ways of my parents. I have never experienced parental affection, love and care. Mentally and physically I was feeling dull. So I needed a stimulant in the form of tobacco. At the age of 23(June1974), two months before my marriage, I had palpitation, giddiness and fear of death. This was almost constant. I had to take tranquilizers, sedatives, diuretics etc. daily and their power had to be increased at regular intervals. For 11 years I have been suffering like this. Due to medicinal side-effects and bad-effects, my condition was deteriorating day by day. Finally, my physician advised me to stop all medicines for six months, as otherwise my condition would become very bad. Then I tried homoeopathy, which afforded some relief. I started practising SKY (simplified kundalini yoga) as designed and taught by World Community Service Centre of Vedathri Maharshi. There was further improvement. There was no palpitation, no giddiness and no fear of death. However, after two years, I became a severe diabetic and the old symptoms (palpitation, giddiness and fear of death) recurred. I tried Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Allopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha and herbal/home remedies. I was following strict diet control. Side by side, I was also practising yoga and physical exercises. I could find only some relief and no cure. I had reached a stage where insulin seemed the only course left. Then I came across a Tamil book entitled, “SARVA ROHA NIVARANI” (CURE FOR ALL DISEASES) by SWAMI BHUMANANDA (Published by Divine Life Society, Rasipuram, Salem District). This is how I came across AUT. I was hesitant initially but as I had no other alternative, I decided to give it a try. After about six months, I started AUT on 16 January 1991. On the sixth day, my elder brother died of sudden heart attack at the age of 44. So I could not follow yoga, exercise and diet control. I was only consuming urine orally. On the 15th day, I went for a medical check-up. Surprisingly, there was no sugar in the urine. Ten days after that, I wanted to check my blood sugar also. Another surprise was waiting for me. The postprandial sugar was within the normal limits. Incidentally, I had eczema from neck to hip for twenty years which disappeared within three months after taking AUT.

The death of my elder brother was a great shock to me. He also read the book along with me. When he read the book, he had already had a heart attack. Interestingly the author of the book had also a heart attack and he was able to cure himself by only AUT. It is painful to think that my brother need not have died had he practised AUT, after reading the book.

In memory of my beloved brother, I have taken it upon myself to popularize AUT. I have been spending a lot of time searching for books on the subject and related subjects; analyzing the various materials I came across. As I had studied Homoeopathy for some time and the teachings of Vedathri Maharshi and had practised yoga and meditation, I could develop a new insight on the subject. With the new insight, I started reading and re-reading many ancient literature like Tirumoolar’s “Tirumanthiram”, Tiruvalluvar’s “Tirukkural”, and works of Sivavakkiyar and other sidha philosophers. On that basis only I have written this paper.

Even though I have been practising AUT regularly since January 1991 , I had an heart attack in 29 January 1997. I ascribe the following reasons for it:-

1. Family worries and tension, mainly due to my parents
2. As a result of (1), I sought relief in alcohol for 1 1/2 years
3. Chain smoking
4. Intake of rich non-vegetarian for two years

One night suddenly I felt severe radiating pain in the left arm and suspected a heart attack.. I started consuming auto-urine frequently. The pain lasted for more than six hours. The next day morning, I went to a doctor friend. I had to climb stairs three times. Only at the third visit, I could meet him. When I told him about my having had a heart attack, he felt that if such were the case I would not have been able to climb stairs. However, to be on the safer side, he ordered ECG. ECG revealed severe heart attack. So I was taken to a cardiac specialist, 100 k.m. away from my place and was hospitalised in Jawahar Hospitals, Madurai. Even there I did not stop AUT. Another ECG was taken. It was diagnosed that it was my third heart attack. The specialist was very much surprised as I was quite normal while my ECG was showing an entirely different picture. Then he enquired about what I had been doing. Then I narrated him my past medical history and about AUT practice. A diabetic and a chronic hypertension patient, I was able to withstand a severe heart attack without any medicine (except auto-urine) for more than 6 hours! Further, I was looking quite normal and was talking to people casually without any difficulty. Some of the doctors there evinced keen interest in my peculiar case and wanted to know the details. I was freely talking to them, explaining the intricacies of AUT for more than 25 minutes!! Then they said that I should not talk too much and take complete rest. Later they asked for a copy of the book as they were very much interested. As they were from Kerala and could not read Tamil easily, they asked for an English book. I got them THE WATER OF LIFE by Dr.J.W.Armstrong.

I was administered sedative, tranquilizer etc. I had to continue this for a year. However, I did not stop AUT. I was continuing that also side by side. After a year, my old symptoms returned – fear of death, palpitation, giddiness. So I decided to stop all allopathic medicines. I underwent full-fasting for 7 days (with intake of only water and auto-urine) and took light food only for another 7 days. Everything became normal and I have been continuing AUT.

My Present Condition

On 18 April 2000, an ECG was taken by Dr.Sekaran, MD, Karaikudi. The ECG showed a perfect heart condition and the above doctor refused to believe that I had heart attacks previously. Normally, after heart attack, scar tissue forms in the heart, which is revealed in ECG. Even though I had three heart attacks, no scar tissue was found in my heart. This is nothing but a miracle. During 2004, another ECG was taken, which also showed a perfect heart condition.

AUT for a powerful immune system

My grand-daughter is being given AUT since she was two months old. Actually, her mother has been practising AUT, even before her conception. The baby likes urine and takes with evident enjoyment, while it refuses other drugs, tonics and baby food and they have to be forced on the baby. Further, the baby which is now 8 years old (in 2007), has had no ailment, even minor ailments, whatsoever right from her birth. It has been hale and healthy. It has also been very active and quite alert. This is a clear proof what AUT can do if one practises it right from birth.

Method And Procedure

(a) For Healthy People

In the case of people who are healthy and would like to maintain that health, it is enough if they take auto-urine once a day, preferably the first urine in the morning. Generally, middle portion urine is recommended. The initial and final portion are discarded. For adults, 150 to 180 ml a day would be sufficient. For children, 50 ml would be sufficient. After AUT, one very rarely falls ill. They will develop resistance to all diseases including epidemics.

(b) For Acute diseases

In the case of people suffering from acute diseases like cold, cough, headache, nause , vomitting etc., three or four times a day of auto-urine is recommended. Here also only the middle portion of the urine is recommended. In severe acute diseases, complete fasting with intake of auto-urine only for a day (water can be taken) or intake of liquid food only along with auto-urine for a day or two is recommended. Further, if they continue AUT, they will develop resistance to all sorts of diseases and recurrence of such acute diseases will be very rare.

(c) For Chronic diseases

Chronic patients are advised to commence AUT with complete fasting with auto-urine and water only. In their case, external application of auto-urine is also a must. Normally, three to four times a day would be sufficient. However, in severe conditions whether during chronic disease or acute disease, every time one passes urine, one should take it, without wasting it.

One can collect auto-urine in the palm of one’s hand and take it straight away, which is the easy and the most natural way. However, one can also use a glass tumbler or a stainless steel tumbler. It may please be noted here that only fresh urine should be taken.

Fasting and External application of auto-urine are very important in the case of chronic diseases. Fasting for 3 to 7 days is recommended. However, heart patients and persons with low blood pressure are advised to take light or liquid food during fasting. Complete fasting is not recommended in their case.

Generally fresh urine is recommended for external application. When that is not possible, urine can be stored for a few hours and this can be used for external application, after heating it for a little while. For better effect, the urine can be heated till it is reduced to half or one-third of its quantity. The whole body, from head to foot, has to be rubbed or massaged with urine for about 25 minutes. After massage, exposure to sun for 30 minutes would give very good results. Then one can bathe in lukewarm water. Soap or soap-nut powder should not be used.

Some points of caution –

(1) Breaking a fast should be done carefully. Only fruit juice should be taken for a day and from the second day, other light liquid food can be taken. From the third day, semi-liquid food can be taken. From the fourth day, light solid food can be taken. From the fifth day, normal food can be taken.

(2) In some cases, there may be eruptions on the skin.

(3) There may be expectoration and discharge phlegm from the nose or throat.

(4) There may be nausea and vomiting or loose stools.

One need not be afraid of these. These may be necessary for expelling accumulated toxic matter from the body. On continuing AUT, this will become all right automatically and no other medicine is required for any of these. However, in some cases, the cure may be direct, without any of these problems.

Where the patient is afraid of stopping medicines he has been taking especially in serious ailments like heart and kidney problems, cancer etc, he can continue the medicines till he gains complete confidence in AUT. This taking of medicines will not harm him as part of the medicines will come through the urine in minuscule quantity and will antidote its own bad effects. After gaining confidence in AUT, the patient taper the medicinal doses and after some time, can completely stop them. One need not be afraid of anything.

Within a week of commencement of AUT, one would notice clear improvement in one’s condition. Gradually, one would overcome the disease. This may take a month or two, depending on the disease and general condition of the patient.

If after a month or two, the improvement is not much, then one is advised to fast again and continue AUT (both internal and external). Even in cases, where all the disease symptoms have disappeared, it is advisable to continue AUT (external application can be stopped) at least twice a day. This is recommended to maintain health.

AUT & Self-Realization

So we may conclude that all the problems of man are due to his neglecting the protective system provided by nature i.e. AUT. It is interesting to note that references to AUT are mostly found in spiritual literature and AUT is practised and recommended by great souls. Another known feature about great souls is that in their presence even wild animals lose their predatory instincts. Even criminals behave differently. The very atmosphere in which they live radiates love and peace. So it my next conclusion that regular practice of AUT would ultimately lead one to the higher spiritual path and one would naturally evolve spiritually. This way the goal of life becomes attainable.

Propagation and Popularization of AUT

Our present system of education has many defects. One of the defects is there is no proper sex education. Talking about the genitals or discussing/disclosing about problems/ailments/affections of the genitals is considered a matter of shame and people generaly hide it. And they even worry themselves to death about them but never dare to discuss them with anybody. In the case of women, talking about periods or discharges which are biological and natural, is considered taboo. They try to hide all matters relating to these. This is highly unhealthy. Proper education of everything relating to the genitals and sex is very important, as these play a vital role in life. Hiding of facts in this regard leads to a lot of misconceptions or wrong notions, as a result of which there is untold suffering. So the only solution seems proper sex education. Once one acquires proper knowledge of sex and genitals, it would automatically lead one to study about urine also. The false sense of disgust about urine will disappear.

In allopathy, disease is thought in terms of germs, bacteria and virus. The strong faith in antibiotics is a proof of this. AUT can be studied in this light also. For example, I am certain that if a culture is made of the germs or bacteria from patient and his urine is applied on the culture, the efficacy of auto-urine will be clearly proved. It is for microbiologists to take up the study in the interests of humanity. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have come forward to take up this study so far.

Till such time, one can follow the saying – PROOF OF THE BUDDING IS IN THE EATING. The method is described. No outside help is required. One can do it very easily without any help or expenditure. So, at least people suffering from the so-called incurable diseases can try AUT. To be still more specific, AUT tried without any fear in terminal cases as there is nothing to lose.

If one practises AUT right from birth, one would have a very strong or a perfect immune system which can face any threat to health.

Finally, a request to those who have benefitted from AUT. Kindly narrate your experience to others and try to popularise this wonderful system provided to mankind by nature.

I have not been careful to get the reports of the various cases cured by AUT. But now I realize their importance and have started getting reports wherever possible. As cases are cured, I shall go on adding them to this paper, enclosing the proofs/reports wherever possible.


After long and deep thinking, I have arrived at the following conclusions:-

1. Modern developments and achievements have been possible because of man’s sixth sense. Paradoxiclly this very same sixth sense has impelled man to change, modify, refine and improve upon everything. This has led to so many problems like diseases, ailments, loss of peace of mind etc. But it is pointless to put the blame on the sixth sense or the evolutionary process or anything else. Because without this sixth sense further evolution of man would become impossible. Also, in a way, this impule of man to change, modify, refine or improve upon everything, only leads to further evolution. However, the solution/answer for solving these problems encountered on the way to further evolution are also provided for by nature. This can be observed by studying lower forms of life.

2. Man has been provided with a wonderful built-in immune system to protect himself against diseases and ailments. He has also been provided with procedures (AUT) and substances (auto-urine) to maintain and improve the immune system. However, over a period of time, he has given up these.

3. So man need not suppress his instinct to change, modify, refine and improve upon things. He can go ahead with them as they may be necessary for further evolution. But he has to practise AUT to protect himself. Otherwise the very evolution would be delayed.

4. Further, spending huge sums of money, time, energy etc for the sake of cure would be a waste of precious resources which should be utilized for his further evolution.

5. I must confess here of a mistake I made. I have not bothered to collect laboratory reports before and after AUT from the various patients who have come to me. I realized the importance of these reports only later, when people were skeptical and would not believe anything unless some scientific proof is provided. So only in the last two or three years, I have started collecting reports from patients. But here also, all the patients were not that cooperative. On the other hand, there are patients who have been completely cured from deadly diseases, who are now willing to appear before anybody and present their case.

6. From 1991, I have been spending a lot of time searching materials related to AUT and trying to understand the intricacies of AUT. Even though there are some books in various languages on AUT, nobody seems to have bothered much about the philosophy behind AUT and how it works. With the help of writings of great sages and philsophers, analysing various materials available on the subject from colloquialisms to complicated philosophy and formulating my own theories, I have tried to come up with some answer in this paper. The work is not complete.

Another thing is I am not doing this for monetary benefit. I have not charged anybody anything. My advice/consultation has been absolutely free. In fact, whenever somebody approaches me with some serious health problem, I set apart some time in my tight business schedule and try to help them. In almost all cases, there has been tremendous success. Further, the very nature of AUT does not involve doctor or medicine, and hence no expenditure on the part of the patient. So I have been doing this propagatory work as a service only.

I am only a matriculate and I have no special training in medical science. My only wish is people who have specialized knowledge in science and medicine, should take up this study seriously and sincerely. The research findings coming from such scientists with facts and figures will be more convincing than the theories of a lay man like me. Also it will have more impact. If the whole world wakes up to this great truth, a disease-free society will not be a mere dream; it will become a REALITY.

7. I must also state a painful fact here. I have been sending this paper to WHO, ICMR, CDRI-Lucknow and leading personalities world over from top politicians, thinkers, doctors to leading scientists. But there has been almost no positive response from them. However, I am glad at last I have found a person who is eminently qualified in medicine and who has taken great pains to analyse the truth beind AUT at his age of 78 years and who has also come up with a book of his on this subject. I am sure that coming from senior physician, backed by his own personal success, AUT will gain more popularity and spread far and wide. I am grateful to that person, viz., Dr.T.C.S.Veeramani.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr.K.Natarajan, M.D., Chennai (young man of 84) who has also tested AUT on himself with great success and has become a great supporter of AUT (Now he is no more). Mr.S.Ramesh of Organic Farming Movement, Chennai, who does not hesitate anything that is good for mankind, also has lent his support to the propagation of AUT. My thanks are due to him also.


The following material I got from the Internet, which makes very interesting reading. I am giving it below, as it is:


Anything that was in the blood cannot be harmful to the person that it came from. Besides, when taken internally, the urine does not go straight into the bloodstream but travels through the digestive system, where its constituents are sorted out. The useful ones are used up again, while others are rejected as solid waste. When the level of toxins in the blood increases, this stimulates the intestines and the lymphatic system into flushing themselves out to eliminate any stagnated excrements accumulated in the colon. The amount of toxins found in the urine of each person is related to the amount of stagnated excrement in the colon. So the toxins, in such minute amounts in urine, stimulate a cleansing reaction in each individual and vaccinate and protect the body from illness.

Studies on urea, considered the poisonous organic solid in urine, have shown it is converted into an essential amino acid once it is recycled by ingestion, helping our bodies use protein more efficiently. Urea has also been proven to be an extraordinarily effective antibacterial and antiviral agent, one of the best natural diuretics and one of the most effective skin moisturizers ever discovered. Urea actually increases the water-binding capacity of the skin by opening skin layers for hydrogen bonding and thus attracting moisture to dry skin cells. As a natural diuretic, it is unparalleled and is also widely prescribed in cases of oedema or swelling, glaucoma, epilepsy and meningitis and to reduce excess cerebral and spinal pressure. Urea is an FDA-approved medicinal agent, and its remarkable and comprehensive anti-neoplastic properties are well utilized in anticancer drugs and treatments.


1. The Water of Life by J.W.Armstrong, Published by C.W.Daniel Co.Ltd, London. Published in India by Rupa & Co, New Delhi

2. Manav Mootra (Gujarati) by Ravjibhai Patel

3. Sarvaroga Nivarani (Tamil) by Swami Bhumananda, Published by The Divine Life Society, Rasipuram, Namakkal Dt, Tamilnadu

4. Auto-Urine Therapy by ‘An Experienced Physician’ – Published by Navneet Publications I Ltd, Bhavani Shankar Road, Dadar, Mumbai-400 028

5. Miracles of Urine Therapy by Dr.C.P.Mithal, M.D.
Pankaj Publications, 3, Regal Building, New Delhi-110 001

6. Why we get sick by Dr.R.M Nesse and Dr.G.C William.

7. Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute anti-sera against IgE
Davenas.E. et al
Nature, 1988, Vol.333, p.816-818.

8. Shivambu Shastra: Healing with Urine Therapy by Natalia Perera, Australia, Nexus Magazine, Vol.9, No.4, (June-July 2002).

Dr.A.H.Free (1975)

10. SHIVAMBU GEETA by Dr. G. K. Thakkar, Published by Navneet Publications (INDIA) Ltd., MUMBAI (INDIA)

11. YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE by Martha M. Christy, (USA) Published by Magna Publishing Co Ltd., MUMBAI.

12. The Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy by Coen Van Der Kroon, UK. Published in India by B.Jain Publishers P Ltd, New Delhi.













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  1. MichaelCrown Says:

    Thanks mucho for your work on this.
    I hope somehow it will become popular.
    I am thinking about doing a YOUTUBE show on it.

    Have you looked at Ron Paul and supporting him for President?

    I think he is great, very intelligent and honest.


  2. jagadish Says:

    I have heard and also tried AUT.. and found it useful
    in feeling and being healthy.However in one of the
    lectures in pune on the subject,it was said that this
    treatment may not be useful in type II diabetese and
    may even be counter productive,because in that case
    consumotion of A.U. may amount to consumption of
    sugar,which may be undesirable.Is any data available on
    this aspect?Regards

  3. wiraanzaneyulu Says:

    thaks to the aut i am intresing aut . we want hiv aut treemet please details tthank you very much



  5. P.Edward Says:

    Thank you a lot for the information given in the website. When every thing fails to effect a cure the A U T seems to do wonders according to the cases published in the website.Can you give case histories of a few more kidney failure patients and HIV patients?
    With Regards P.Edward.

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