Letters-12: "Water dispute between Karnataka and Tamilnadu"

1. Mindless acts of vandalism have erupted in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over the Hogenakkal drinking water project – an issue settled as early as 1998 by the two States. The tendency of politicians to fish in troubled waters is well known. But it is sad that they are fanning hatred among the people on both sides. It is hoped saner and wiser counsel will prevail and senior politicians will appeal to the people to stop the escalation of the crisis. – R.Ramachandra Rao, Hyderabad
2. Do the pro-Kannada groups want to settle the issue on the streets by breaking windshields and deflating tyres? Their counterparts in Tamil Nadu too are doing the same. The common man who uses public transport is put to great hardship by such acts of vandalism. No State is an island. Each must co-exist peacefully with the other, particularly a neighbour. Violence will not solve any issue and the streets are certainly not the place to solve the problem of water-sharing between neighbouring States. – K.M.G.Vivekanandam, Madurai.

3. Those disturbing peace and harmony in Bangalore should be dealt with firmly. They represent neither the people nor the culture of Karnataka. These fringe elements not only tarnish the image of peace-loving and tolerant Kannadigas but also pose a threat to our federal structure. The Centre should evolve a federal water resource policy based on sound scientific principles rather than leaving the issue of water-sharing to opportunist political parties and ignorant farmers. – S.Himesh, Bangalore.

4. I shudder to think of what will happen to our country if all of our fail to realize that resources such as water are meant to be shared by everybody fairly and judiciously. If one State has surplus water as a result of abundant rainfall, it should be prepared to share it with its neighbours. I wonder why we cannot love India, leaving aside all our narrow selfish interests. – Akavoor Narayanan, New Delhi.
Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, April 5, 2008 (‘Letters to the Editor’).
My grateful thanks to The Hindu and the individuals who wrote the letters; to Public-Domain-Photos.com for freely providing the photo (http://www.public-domain-photos.com/ and author of the photo, Paolo Neo).

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