My Friends-1: "Mr.M.Senthil Kumar"

Senthil is a dear friend of mine, though he is younger to me by more than a dozen years. But he looks much younger. His many sterling qualities have endeared him to me. If there is any public activity, he will be there in the forefront, shouldering some important responsibility and doing his best. He is a Home Guard. His civic sense and social awareness are worth emulating. For example, he will not take carrybags from shops. He always carries cloth-bags to keep materials he purchases.

Our friendship deepened during our FASOHD days. He is so affectionate to me he would call me now and then and ask me whether I need any help. He has been helping me in almost all of my ventures. He is a tower of strength to me. I fondly and gratefully remember his great help on the days following my father’s death and also during and after my daughter’s marriage. My people say I exploit his kindness. Maybe true. Whenever I need any help, I immediately think of him and I do not hesitate to take his help whenever required. I do not know how I am going to repay him for his kindness.

May God bless him and bestow on him and his family all that is best.

Thank you, Senthil, thank you very much for all your kindness.


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