The Best Birthday Present I received

Yesterday was my 59th birthday. As usual, I was greeted by near and dear. I also received the best birthday present. Aravind handed over to me a folded ruled paper, saying it was his gift for my birthday. I opened the folded paper. Inside the fold piece, there was another folded paper which contained his ‘gift’ to me, which I have scanned and posted below.

It was very thoughtful of him. For a 10-year-old, doing 5th Std, this is the best he could think of. It pleased very much. I feel it is the best birthday present I have received.

‘Suri’ in Tamil means ‘sun’; probably that is why he was put two suns symmetrically at the top portion. As he could not buy a cake for me, he has drawn a cake. I am near the cake. He is by my side, probably ready to receive the first piece of the cake. Great imagination! I think this deserves to be put in ‘My Photo Album’ and am placing it as such.

Thank you my dear Aravind, thank you very much! May God bestow on you His choicest blessings and may you lead a perfect, prosperous and purposeful life!


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