Osama, Obama and Omama!

Aravind is my pet and I have written about him and posted his photos in this blog several times. His latest antic is, he has started calling me, ‘Omama’.

‘Mama’ in Tamil means ‘Uncle’. So he generally addresses me as ‘mama’. Now suddenly he has started addressing me ‘Omama’. He is an avid TV watcher. Nothing escapes his keen eyes and ears. He has been listening on TV about Osama and recently Obama. Tamils have a great weakness for alliteration. It is probably in his blood too. Now he insists on calling me ‘Omama’. I told him that Osama and Obama stand at two extremes like north pole and south pole and I am a nobody, somewhere in between. He assured me that did not matter. So I am ‘Omama’ to Aravind. I think it is okay.


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