Temples of India-4: "Uchi Pillayar Temple at Trichy"

Entrance to ‘Uchi Pillayar’ Temple

‘Uchi Pillayar’ Temple with Rockfort

“Uchi Pillayar” means “Lord Vinayaga at the Top (of the hillock)”. This small temple perched at the top of a hillock at the heart of the city of Tiruchirappalli or Trichy, as it is popularly known, is one of my favourite temples of Lord Vinayaga, the elephant-faced god. Climbing the hill and then praying to the Lord and having a look at the city from top are experiences I cherish. Only it is becoming difficult for me nowadays to climb it, as I am aging.

These photographs were taken by me during my visit to Trichy last week, using my Canon Powershot A-590 camera. I have used the auto mode only. I am yet to learn the intricacies of the camera and utilize it to its fullest potential.


3 Responses to “Temples of India-4: "Uchi Pillayar Temple at Trichy"”

  1. Chetan Hegde M Says:

    Respected Suriji Namaste…Ur Blog post takes me back in time when we visited “Uchi Pillayar temple” during our South India trip in December 2001…Climbing the Hill was such an experience I will never forget…<>Lord Vinayaka<> has chosen a wonderful place to Bless all the faithful who come to the town of Trichy…Looking forward to Ur next post on <>Temples of India<>…<>Jai Sri Maha Ganeshji Ki Jai<>

  2. SURI Says:

    Respected Hegdeji! My profound apologies to you for this delayed response. Please forgive me.

    Uchi Pillaiyar is a great inspiration to me also. Though I am not able to climb the hillock nowadays, I always pray to Him from below and instead offer my prayers at the Manicka Vinayagar Temple, where from you start the climb.

    With kindest regards and gratitude – Suri

  3. indhu M Says:

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