My Photo Album-35:

Latest photo of Suri. Taken on the morning of May 19, 2009 at Thiruvalluvar Nagar Beach, Chennai. You are seeing the Bay of Bengal in the background. Snapped by Aravind using Suri’s Canon Powershot A590 camera. Officially Suri has crossed 60 last November. Of late, Suri finds it difficult to concentrate anything or think of writing or blogging. Practically he has posted very little in the last 10-15 days. Suri does not know how long this dry period will last. He seems to have lost the inclination to do anything, except some brief reading daily. At present, he is reading ‘The City of God’ by Dominique Lapierre which Vinod bought for Suri at Landmark, Citi Center during Suri’s recent visit. He has covered about a hundred pages in the past seven days.

Today he has paid BSNL Rs.766/- towards the broadband connection he got with the idea of regular blogging and surfing. But very little use has been made of this by him and natually he feels guilty. Further, he finds it very disappointing. Let us hope and pray that this dry period soon passes and he starts blogging and surfing soon as in the past.


One Response to “My Photo Album-35:”

  1. Nellaiappan Says:

    Dear Suri,

    Let us not take it as dry period. It is a gestation period. I know some thing is cooking inside. You may come out with a master piece.


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