Wayside Temples-7: "Sri Mangala Vinayagar Temple"

Sri Mangala Vinayagar Temple in Sriram Nagar, Kottaiyur.

2 Responses to “Wayside Temples-7: "Sri Mangala Vinayagar Temple"”

  1. Vinoth Says:

    Hello Suri,

    Thanks for posting the Mangala Vinayaka kovil photo on your blog. I am seeing this temple after 25 years.. We sold our house and I vowed never to go back to Kottaiyur as I cant stand in that place with a thought that I owe nothing there…

    But this photo has refreshed my memories and now I have a urge to visit this place. The mangala vinayaka idol was gifted to this temple by my grand father and this idol here comes from Thirumangalam Village near Lalgudi…

    I am missing Kottaiyur.

    Thanks again.

  2. SURI Says:

    Thank you Vinoth! (Incidentally, my son's name is also Vinod!)

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