Random Thoughts-30: "On Advertisements"

Advertisements are mostly a nuisance, a pain in the … ok, neck. Some advertisements specialize in driving people mad; irritate people. Especially TV advertisements. They are disrupters. One wonders how the advertising business is thriving with all this. Sometimes they repeat the same advertisements three times successively; it is clear they want to brainwash everybody. But personally I feel their effect is seldom the one desired by them.

Advertisements in the print media are comparatively less painful. For TV advertisements assault your ears, eyes and mind at the same time. In the case of print media, at least your ears are spared.
The most irritating part of TV ads is the volume goes up automatically. I am grateful to the man who invented the remote control. At the commencement of advertisements, I mute the TV or change the channel and thus have found a way to escape of the onslaught of advertisements.

As for the print media, if you don’t like the advertisement, you turn the page. Occasionally you come across some advertisements that are pleasing. I came across some of these during my travel to Chennai by Pallavan Express.

These advertisements had these following features in common: First, they greet you: HAPPY JOURNEY, which is very nice of them. Then they have useful message and sayings like: “No man can stop what god wants to give; No man give what god wants to stop”.

These advertisements for kailis, banians and underwear by K.A.S.Jainulabdeen Co, Chennai, deserve appreciation. Other advertisers can emulate them. This is how ads should be: subtle, unobtrusive and less-aggressive. I have snapped one for a sample, which appears above. I am sorry the photo is not up to the mark. But then I am only an amateur photographer, who has to learn a lot.


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