Random Thoughts-31: "Sri Jayanthi"

Bhagwan Sri Krishna’s birthday is celebrated by Hindus as ‘Sri Jayanthi’, ‘Janmashtami’ and ‘Gokulashtami’. Generally, eighth day (ashtami) and nineth day(navami) of the lunar month are considered to be inauspicious days. Hindus generally avoid these days for undertaking anything important. The idea is if you start anything important on these days, you will not able to complete them and you may have to do them again and again. However, two major incarnations of Maha Vishnu, Sri Krishna was born on an ‘ashtami’ and Sri Rama on a ‘navami’. Consider this along with the assurance of Sri Krishna in the Gita: “To protect the righteous, to destroy the sinful and to reinstate morals, I am born again and again in every age”; now, you get a special meaning. In every age, the Lord takes birth on this earth to destroy evil and protect dharma.
So Sri Jayanthi is very special. Now-a-days you have not just one KAMSA, but innumerable of them; they are more deadly and dangerous. So naturally we all wish and pray that Sri Krishna takes birth again and destroys all these Kamsas and protects us.

Written on Aug 13, 2009 and posted on Aug.14, 2009.


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