My Photo Album-40: Suri with NVPs

When Dr.N.V.Parthasaradhy was Head of Electroplating Section, I was working under him as a Junior Lab Assistant. However, within a few months he was transferred to our Chennai Unit as its Head. In the short span of our association, he took a strong liking to me and was helping me in many ways at times of need. His kind and affectionate words always have a healing and soothing effect on me. His kindness and affection mean a lot to me.

I have a feeling that we must have had close association in our previous births also. Otherwise I am unable to explain his love and affection, even after 39 years! It is a proof that our friendship has withstood the test of time, though he has been in Chennai and myself at Karaikudi. And we rarely write. Only recent we have been talking to each other over phone.

Both of us have retired voluntarily – he, long back and myself, during November 2007. During my visit to Chennai during May 2009, I went to his house and paid my respects to him and his betterhalf and received their blessings. I cherish his love and affection, so also the above photographs.

He was an expert scientist in Electroplating and has written a book, published by a reputed international publisher. The book has been very popular with electroplaters. He retired as a Deputy Director.

I trust I have been blessed by the Almighty to have somebody like him as an affectionate well-wisher.I can only pray to the Almighty to bless the NVPs and bestow His grace on them and their family.


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