My Books-2: "A Better India, A Better World" by N R Narayana Murty

Yet another book bought at Moore Market, Chennai, during one of my visits to Chennai. N.R.Narayana Murty is one of my heroes. When I saw his name on the book, without hesitation, I bought it. It is a great, inspiring book. Contains his wonderful lectures delivered at various places, covering important topics.

His incisive thoughts, lucid style and brilliant ideas are contained in this book. My admiration for him has been growing with every lecture. It is a book that should be read by every Indian. Our Prime Minister’s comments on this book are worth reproducing:

“Narayana Murty is a Role Model for millions of Indians, an iconic figure in the country. He is widely respected and looked up to not only for his business leadership but also for his ethics and personal conduct. He represents the Face of the New Resurgent India to the world. I am sure this collection of his speeches will inform, inspire and guide many in the years to come.” – Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India.

Let me also reproduce the views of Bill Gates:

“Narayana Murty overcame many obstacles and demonstrated that it is possible to create a world-class, value-driven company in India. Through his vision and leadership, Murty sparked a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship that changed the way we view ourselves and how the world views India. In this collection of his speeches, he delivers a timely message about the importance of values and leadership in business.”


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