My Photo Album-45: Landmarks of Karaikudi

The temple devoted to Sri Koppudayamman,
the goddess who looks after the welfare of the people of Karaikudi

Manikkoondu – The Clock Tower at the Koppudayamman Amman Sannathi

Statue of Sa.Ganesan

Tamilthaai Temple

Kamban Mani Mandapam

Periyar Statue

Statue of Poet Kannadasan at the entrance of the Kannadasan Memorial
Memorial to the Tamil Poet, Kannadasan, near the Karaikudi New Bus Stand

Statue of Pasumpon Mutharamalinga Thevar, just near the Karaikudi New Bus Stand

The new BSNL building, just opposite to the Karaikudi New Bus Stand

The new Karaikudi Railway Station. Incidentally, I have a great fascination for trains and railway stations. My family has close links with the railways.

Alagappa University Arch

L.CT.L.Palaniappa Chettiar Memorial Auditorium

Alagappa University Convocation Hall

Alagappa University

The statue of Dr Alagappa Chettiar at the entrance of the Alagappa University

Alagappa Govt Arts College

The great philanthropist, Dr Alagappa Chettiar’s Memorial – It is difficult to imagine how Karaikudi would have been but for him. CECRI and the Alagappa Institutions are all due to him.

Dr Umayal Ramanathan College for Women – Just opposite to the first entrance of CECRI This is a comparatively newcomer

CECRI – The institution which fed me for 39 years and is still feeding me. I had plenty of opportunities to read and improve my knowledge. I also developed some lifelong friendships here. I shall always remain grateful to this great institution.


Sri Kollan Kali Amman Temple. I have been visiting this temple almost right from the time I set foot at Karaikudi.

Alagappa Polytechnic

I set foot at Karaikudi on November 11, 1969 for an interview. Almost from that time, I have become a resident of Karaikudi/suburb of Karaikudi. Very often I used to feel time dragging and making me tense. Sometimes, I have felt that minute-hand of the clock to be moving at snail’s pace. Paradoxically, 40 years have slipped by just like that! Unbelievable.

Initially children used to call me, “Anna” (elder brother) and later, Uncle and now they call me Grandpa. Time has moved so fast. Still I am the same person inside and wonder how these changes came to pass. I have spent a major chunk of my life at Karaikudi, the most crucial too. Hence Karaikudi naturally has a special place in my heart.

It has been going through a sea-change and has grown so much that people who return to Karaikudi after a long time may find it difficult to recognize. Still there are landmarks, old and new, which stand for Karaikudi and I have clicked some of them and posting them above. I have started with special prayers to the Goddess of Karaikudi, Arulmigu Koppudayamman.


8 Responses to “My Photo Album-45: Landmarks of Karaikudi”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yes, karaikudi IS a special place

  2. Dr. Arindam Adhikari Says:

    Nicely maintained blog.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not only these places there are many places to know from karaikudi.

    thanks for updating such good photos.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nice pics.. Brings back my childhood memories. I was born at Karaikudi, lived at CECRI campus … Would love to see more!

  5. Pushpendra singh Says:

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  6. arpit pal Says:

    Nice collection of pics. amazing work done by you.
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  7. Anonymous Says:

    I never forget karaikudi in my life time…….
    Its a very nice place for students.

  8. jason steve Says:

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