Picture of the day-301:

Pillayarpatti Tank with the Temple Towers in the Background.
The first time I visited the temple was in 1970 with my dear friend, Dr Janakiraman.  We left the Hostel around 6.30 am and when we reached Pillayarpatti, there was almost nobody except ourselves.  In those days, it was not so well known and there were not many shops and the place was very charming and serene.  We immediately liked the place and decided to visit the temple as often as possible.
Since then, I have visited the temple many times.  But nowadays a lot of shops have sprung up and visitors throng the place from all over Tamil Nadu.  On ‘Vinayakar Chathurthi’, there will be a mile-long queue and you will have patiently wait for  hours  for your turn. In spite of all this, the place has not lost its charm. I still love visiting the temple and offering my prayers there.

As for my wife, whenever there is some function or journey or some worry, she prays to Lord Karpagavinayaga and invariably things move smoothly and everything becomes all right.

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