My Photo Album-58: Aravindchellam

Aravind is my sister’s son.  He grew up in our house from the age of 2.  Now, at 13, he has moved over to his parent’s home and has been attending a nearby school there.  We are very close to each other.  I miss him, though he makes it a point to visit us every week end.  The photo above is taken at Maha’s Naming Function in May 2011.

3 Responses to “My Photo Album-58: Aravindchellam”

  1. nellaiappan Says:

    சினிமாக்காரர்கள் பார்த்தால் பையனை
    பிடித்துக்கொண்டு போய்விடுவார்கள்.

  2. SURI Says:

    ha! ha! you have a point there.

  3. Web Hosting India Says:

    Very nice baby.I like a lot.Thanks for sharing friend.

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