My Books-4: "Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World" by Louis Fischer

Gandhiji is a great hero and role model for me.  After reading his Experiment with Truth, I picked up six sets of maxims to follow. They are:

Truthfulness in Thought, Word and Deed
Non-Violence in Thought, Word and Deed
Universal Love
Simple Living and High Thinking
Non-covetousness and Non-possessiveness
Selfless Life and Selfless Service

It has not been easy for me and I have not progressed much, still I keep these maxims are guiding lights of my life and my brother, Nellaiappan, has also taken up these for his life guidance.

Now, in this book on Gandhiji, by Louis Fisher, you can a lot of insights into the life of Gandhiji.  In the coming days, I shall record some of these.


One Response to “My Books-4: "Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World" by Louis Fischer”

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