Book News-33: A Book Written with an Eyelid!

For Jean-Dominique Bauby, December 8, 1995, was a black day.  He had a stroke that put him into a coma.  When he woke up, after twenty days, only some movement in his head and eyes remained.  But, Bauby would not give up.  He started writing a book.  An assistant would read out letters from the alphabet and Bauby would blink his left eyelid to show his choice.  Every word took about 200,000 blinks.  The book, ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ became an instant hit….

Excerpt from “Books that shaped the World” in the MANORAMA TELL ME WHY series, March 2012, Vol.6, No.6, Price Rs.20/-.  98 colorful pages, all information packed. (A very very interesting and useful book, which I strongly recommend to every booklover).

More about “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ from Wikipedia:

A brief biographical sketch of Bauby, who was Editor-in-Chief of Elle before the stroke:

Grateful thanks to M.M.Publications Ltd, Kottayam, Kerala, India and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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