Poem of the day-46: The Long-Distance Runner (Jimmy Avasia’s reworked poem)

The Long-Distance Runner

This is the man of the night.
When it is dark, anguish finds eloquence.
When it is day, he carries it
in his deadpan manner.
He will never display
this poetic error on a banner.

This man has always been old,
constantly aware
that no future is permanent.
He is the genesis of despair,
born as it were in an obituary column.

This man is a whirlpool
caught in revolving doors.
He is churned in a circle of self-pity.
He and his life were banished once.
He searches bliss.
If it ever comes, it will be anonymous.

This man is destitute.
He wants a dose of happiness
but they only give him truth.

This man walks to the sea
nursing his throat’s perennial lump.
But he will not jump.


(JIMMY AVASIA’s reworked poem)


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