Newsletters of Interest-1: "Science in the News Weekly" from American Scientist

“Science in the News Weekly” is a free e-newsletter from American Scientist, the magazine of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. It is a digest of science news stories appearing in the mainstream media. If you subscribe to it, you will get it in your mailbox every Monday.

For example, the 5th issue of January 2009 (January 26-30)contains links to interesting articles (I am giving only short titles of these articles):

1. 10 sci-fi gadgets on the horizon
2. Whether doctors are downplaying side-effects of cholesterol drugs
3. The Six greatest mysteries of our solar system
4. Climate change
5. Mars rover, ‘Spirit’
6. A distant Jupiter-like planet
7. Disappearance of woolly mammoths
8. Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel
9. Transition from Analog to Digital Television
10. Digital Preservation and Authentication of War Crimes/Atrocities
11. Flexible Computer Display Screen
12. Sensors for monitoring soil moisture and temperature
13. Food Safety
14. Influence of Heredity
15. What we have learned since Darwin published his famous book 150 years ago

Sigma Xi also has other interesting e-newsletters:

1. American Scientist Update (gives an early peek at each new issue with hyperlinked capsule descriptions of feature articles, columns and book reviews).

2. Science in the News Daily (Provides a concise daily roundup of stories from the mainstream media, with links to the original articles; latest developments in the fast-paced world of science and technology)

3. Scientists’ Bookshelf Monthly (offers book news, discussion and reviews from American Scientist Online, including previews of new book reviews when they are first posted, links to exclusive author interviews, highlights of forthcoming science books and book chat from the editors).

If you are interested, just click to go to their site and subscribe to the newsletter of your choice: