Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-8:

The word ‘Dharma’ has no equivalent term in other languages. A few at least of its connotations require to be studied. The core of a thing is its dharma. The dharma of fire is to burn. The dharma of water is to wet. The dharma of life is to express itself. The dharma of the lion is to prey on the deer. The dharma of the deer is to flee to save its life. The dharma of man is to be a social being.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-7:

Converging the faculties of the mind to one point is concentration. It is obtained by constant practice. Fibres are tender and powerless. But if they are twisted into a rope, they assume the power to tie an elephant. Disciplined mind is like the rope. The sunbeams converge to a point through the lens and put forth the maximum light and heat. Likewise, concentrated mind evinces the maximum power of grasp.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-6:

Our senses are so constituted that we seek for substances extraneous to us. They are of no use for self-analysis. The musk-deer produces musk in its own body. But in search of the fragrance of that stuff, it wanders about. Man’s position is akin to it. He has divinity enshrined in himself. But he seeks for It in regions other than himself. Whatever he seeks for is in himself.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-5:

The mediocre waits for an opportunity. The enthusiast makes opportunity. He is ever alert. He is up and doing.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-4:

He who knows the value of time has known the secret of life.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-3:

Integrity elevates man to divinity.

Gems from Swami Chidbhavananda-2:

Man has a lot to learn from the bee. It lives for the collective good of the hive. Selfishness is alient to it.