Health News-27: Bats may hold clue to Immunity, Longevity

Bats may hold clue to immunity, longevity in man
PTI | Dec 24, 2012, 05.02 AM IST

Bats, which have survived for 65 million years against all odds, may offer vital clues to immunity and human longevity, a new study has found.
Bats are amazing creatures and one of the most abundant and widespread mammals on Earth, researchers said.

Excerpt from The Times of India, Chennai, Dec.24, 2012

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Health News-26: Cancer drug to flush out dormant HIV

This is another news item which I came across in the same section of the paper of the same day. It is reported that researchers claim that a drug used to treat certain types of cancer, VORINOSTA or vorinostat, is able to dislodge hidden virus in HIV patients. Lab experiments measuring active HIV levels in CD4 + T cells, which are specialized white blood cells that the virus uses to replicate, showed that this drug unmasked the hidden virus in these cells. It is a major breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS. 

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Cancer Drug May Flush Out ‘Hidden’ HIV – Study:

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Health News-25: Mutations leading to type 1 Diabetes found

In a breakthrough which may pave the way for effective treatment for blood sugar, scientists have cracked the 40-year-old mystery of how certain genetic mutations lead to type 1 diabetes.

Excerpt from “Mutations leading to type 1 diabetes found” in The Times of India, Chennai edition of April 22, 2010.

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Health News-24: "Swine Flu Scare Spreads"

World Health Organization has raises pandemic alarm as Swine Flu spreads; WHO has labeled it as public health emergency of international concern. Already 149 deaths have been reported in Mexico. Swine flu has been found in other countries like US, Canada, and France. US Govt has cautioned its citizens about visiting Mexico. Swine flu is supposed to be caused by a new strain of virus, H1N1. As the flu virus is constantly mutating, finding full immunity has not been possible so far. The symptoms of SIV or swine influenza virus attack are just like normal flu: fever, cough, sore throat, body pain, headaches, chills and fatigues and sometimes diarrhoea and vomiting also. The US Govt says it has stock of medicines to treat 50 million people and have advised people to take normal precautions and not to panic.

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Health News-23: "Green Tea for Healthy Gums"

A cup of green tea a day may keep gum disease at bay. Researchers found that among middle-aged Japanese, the odds of having gum disease declined as the men’s intake of tea rose.
Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, March 23, 2009.
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Health News-22: "Himalayan Herbs can control Type 2 Diabetes"

A Belfast-based scientist has claimed that a herb found in the Himalayan region could be effective in controlling Type 2 Diabetes. Dr.Yasser Abdel-Wahab, a senior lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster, and his team discovered that the roots of a cucumber-like vegetable – a herb found in the forests of India – and extracts from the bark of a Himalayan plant, all showed positive results in test cases.

Dr Abdel-Wahab said that following early laboratory work carried out on the Northern Ireland-based campus, researchers discovered the bark of Swertia chirayita, a plant traditionally grown in the Himalayas and also known as chirette, indicated that some compounds extracted from the bark appeared to stimulate insulin production and improve its action.

“Natural anti-diabetic drug discovery is a key area of research that is attracting a lot of interest. More research is needed to establish definitively how and if our findings could be translated into new therapeutic agents for treatments for people with Type 2 diabetes, but we are hopeful that this will one day be the case,” he said. Scientists have been investigating complementary therapies that have the potential to help treat Type 2 diabetes. – PTI.

Courtesy: The Hindu, March 16, 2009.

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Health News-21: "Bionic eye gives blind man sight "

Ron who has not been able to see for the past 30 years is able to see now, thanks to ‘bionic eye’. He is 73! The ‘bionic eye’ is still in experiment and may soon become available to all. For more details (video presentation from BBC, UK):

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