How To-54: "How to Market Affiliate Products Online"

How to Market Affiliate Products Online

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Don’t want to work for someone but wish to make an income at home selling their profits for high commisions? Affiliate marketing is for you.


  1. Learn about the product use it and see what its like. Rate it out of 10 and decide if other people would want it.
  2. Set up a domain and webhost so you can market their product.
  3. Join various programs you would rate 9/10 and begin marketing them online, set up webpages and use google adwords to promote your site.
  4. Write compeling sales speeches that hypnotised your clients into buying. Get them thinking ” I must have this product or else!”.
  5. Promote, promote, promote keep promoting your site till you get a flood of traffic.
  6. Monitor your results 8 weeks later.


  • Write articles that review the product and then send the reader to your web page.
  • Driving traffic to your affiliate site is done just like any other site. Advertise your website, make sure that it is search engine optimized with good, specific keywords, and keep it up to date. As you are visited, your site will get more and more hits that will drive it higher in the search engine rankings.
  • Another way to drive traffic to your website is via PPC (Pay Per click). All you have to you do is find a a good PPC network and start sending traffic to your site for as low as 0.05$ USD per click. If you use PPC engines monitor closely what you are spending

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