==========================Today’s Parents are Poor Role Models for Kids

Parents are usually considered to be a child’s first teachers and role models. But, a study has some dampening news for today’s generation of adults – you are responsible for your kid’s lack of basic moral values.

Researchers at the Children’s Society in Britain have carried out the study and found that children are not acquiring basic moral values nowadays because today’s parents are actually poor role models.

According to the society, the rise of the celebrity culture and weakening family bonds are undermining traditional moral values among young people.

But it has also blamed adults for failing to engage with children and being too eager to criticise their behaviour rather than just intervening and helping them to navigate the challenges of modern life.

According to Bob Reitemeier, the chief executive of the society, adults need to take more responsibility for the young people around them. “We reap what we sow when it comes to teaching children values. Every adult plays a vital role, which we should nurture as much as we can.

Unfortunately, it is easier to criticise children than to invest in them, and it is the children most in need of positive role models who are becoming disconnected from their communities and wider society.” – PTI

Excerpt from The Times of India, Chennai, July 1, 2008.
Grateful thanks to PTI and The Times of India.