Tanjore Brahadeeswarar Temple: Slideshow from Flickr

I came across this wonderful slideshow in http://www.kandamangalam.com, a portal very interesting and useful to the Hindus who are spiritually inclined and others who love ancient architecture(about which I shall write separately) by couretsy of Flickr with an option to share it. Without any second thought, I used the option and you have here now the slideshow of the Great Temple of Tanjore.

Tanjore or ‘Thanjavur’ as it is known in Tamil, was the capital of the Chola Kings and arts and culture fluorished there. This great temple of Lord Brahadeeswara, also known as Peruvudaiyar Temple, was built by King Raja Raja Chozha. The main tower of the temple was so constructed that the shadow of it does not fall on the ground at any time. Maybe it was thought that stepping on the shadow of the tower would be a sacrilege. Whatever it is, it speaks of the great architectural skills of the Tamils of those days.

About 30 years back, I went to Tanjore for attending the marriage of my friend, Dr Janakiraman. Using the opportunity, I visited the temple with friends and offered my prayers there. (To be frank, that was more like a picnic or sight-seeing. Probably spiritually I was at my lowest ebb.) After that I saw the temple nicely presented in a Tamil movie called “Mahanadhi” (The Great River). Godwilling, I would like to visit the temple once more and pray there.

Here are three detailed articles from Wikipedia: “TANJORE”, “BRAHADEESWARAR TEMPLE” and ‘RAJA RAJA CHOLA”:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanjore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brihadeeswarar_Temple http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raja_Raja_Chola

Grateful thanks to Kandamangalam.com, Flickr and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.