For Spiritual Aspirants-5: "Sadhana" by Swami Vivekananda

Tremendous determination to struggle, a hundredfold more determination than that which you put forth to gain anything which belongs to this life, is the first great preparation.

And then along with it, there must be meditation. Meditation is the one thing. Meditate! The greatest thing is meditation. It is nearest approach to spiritual life – the mind meditating. It is the one moment in our daily life that we are not at all material – the Soul thinking of itself, free from all matter – this marevellous touch of the Soul! – Swami Vivekananda

Courtesy: “Prabuddha Bharata” or “Awakened India”, November 2008.
Grateful thanks to Prabuddha Bharata.

For Spiritual Aspirants-3: "Sattva is the Last Step"

A man endowed with sattva is quiet and peaceful. So far as dress is concerned anything will do. He earns only enough money to give his stomach the simplest food. He never flatters man to get money. He does not hanker for name and fame. His worship, charity and meditation are done in secret; people do not known about them at all.
Sattva is the last step of the stairs; next is the roof. As soon as sattva is acquired, there is no further delay in attaining God. One step forward and God is realized!
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For Spiritual Aspirants-2: "SPIRITUAL PROGRESS"

There is benefit for you in every situation. If, that is, you know how to look for it.
The idea behind steady spiritual progress is to see every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your personal plan for self-development.


For example, in a situation where hurtful or angry words were exchanged, why not see it as the chance either to perceive things about your own character which need changing or to rehearse some virtue or quality that you need to put into practice more often? Actually, we should be grateful for the opportunity to evaluate ourselves.
In this way, you can transform anything into a constructive lesson. Never think that you have learned enough and now can stop. You should love it when people try to correct you or give you advice. It keeps you alert and gives you plenty of opportunity to put your truth into practice. It is a sign of great danger to be unable to accept criticism and instead use your understanding to criticise others. Realise deeply the significance of every moment, and your spiritual progress will be assured.

Courtesy: “Companion of God: The Wisdom and Words of Dadi Janki” – Published by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, London.

Grateful thanks to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.