Letters-63: "The Message of Bangladesh People"

1. The message of Bangladesh voters is loud and clear: their aversion to fundamentalism. A stable and democratic Bangladesh where secular forces are at the helm of affairs brings fresh hopes to India too at the dawn of the new year – D.V.G.Sankararao, Nellimarla.

2. The stupendous victory of Ms Hasina is welcome news especially for India with which she wanted to have friendly relations. Democracy in Bangladesh was till now a pawn in the hands of the military regime. – R.Sekar, Visakhapatnam.

3. The coming to power of Ms Hasina’s secular dispensation augurs well for the country’s relations with the world’s largest democracy, India. On our part, we should engage with the new regime through well calculated diplomacy. India should also help its eastern neighbour institutionalise democracy in letter and in spirit. India should render all possible help for the emergence of a stable Bangladesh. It would be of immense significance for its Look East Policy. – Pranav Mahajan, Jammu.

4. The thumping victory of the Awami League and the Grand Alliance is noteworthy. Whenever free and fair elections were held in the subcontinent in the recent past, voters strongly disapproved of extremist elements and political parties courting extremist elements. One witnessed this trend earlier this year in Pakistan and, now in Jammu and Kashmir. Such encouragement and support from the electorate to the democratic forces would go a long way in isolating all kinds of extremism, in region. – P.Prasand Thampy, Thiruvalla.

Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, January 1, 2009.
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Grateful thanks to M/s. D.V.G.Sankararao, R.Sekar, Pranav Mahajan, P.Prasand Thampy, The Hindu and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.