Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-12: Inner Engineering with Sadhguru – An Introduction

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Inner Engineering – Technologies for wellbeing
Weekend Programs with Sadhguru

Inner Engineering is offered as an intensive program for personal growth. The program and its environment establish the possibility to explore the higher dimensions of life and offers tools to re-engineer one’s self through the inner science of yoga. Once given the tools to rejuvenate, people can optimize all aspects of health, inner growth and success. For those seeking professional and personal excellence, this program offers keys for meaningful and fulfilling relationships at work, home, community, and most importantly, within one’s self.

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-11: What is the purpose of human life? Sadhguru

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A seeker asks Sadhguru what is the goal of human life? Sadhguru discusses fundamental existence, human thought and heaven. (TO30-P1)

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-10: Swami Vivekananda Speech at Chicago – Welcome Address

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-9: Swami Chinmayananda 1974 – Science of Sprituality #3 of 3

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-8: The Message of Swami Sivananda – Part 1/5

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-7: "Science of Sprituality #1 of 3 " by Swami Chinmayananda

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Videos for Spiritual Aspirants-6: "Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing"

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