On Education-15:

Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability – Cicero

‘Concentrate on Education’ : Swaraj Paul

Chairman of the Caparo group of companies, Lord Swaraj Paul, said on Saturday (Sep.22, 2007) that if India wanted to become a developed country it should concentrate on education. Without the desired development in this field, no country could attain the standards of a developed country.

“I am of the opinion that politics and business should be kept away from the field of education,” he told reporters.

He formally inaugurated the Punjab Technical University-Caparo School of Excellence for Manufacturing and Material Technology at Jalandhar, Punjab. He said the school was a unique gift to the city. The school was thrown open to the students on August 14.

The school is his first initiative towards fostering entrepreneurship in India by catalysing, accelerating and supporting the growth of manufacturing and materials technology.

In the UK, 50% of the total population acquire higher education, which was the largest percentage in this category, he said. However, in India’s case the situation was bad as not more than 30% of children do not even get primary education.

The former President, APJ Abdul Kalam, is to be conferred with a honorary degree by Wolverhampton University in the UK next month, he said.

Lord Paul, who is also the Chancellor of the University, said Mr.Kalam would visit London on October 22 for receiving the honour. He said Mr.Kalam had also agreed to deliver lectures at the Caparo School here.

Excerpt from PTI/The Hindu, Chennai, of Sep.23, 2007.
Grateful thanks to PTI and The Hindu.

Words of Wisdom-7:

Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts – Henry B.Adams

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Words of Wisdom-5:

“I touch the future. I teach.” – Christa McAuliffe