Letters-64: "Unacceptable and Shocking!"

It was indeed shocking to read that advocates attached to various Bar Associations of Tamil Nadu burnt not only copies of the Justice B.N.Srikrishna report but also an effigy of the retired Supreme Court judge who probed the violence in the Madras High Court. The behaviour of lawyers has already attracted criticism from many quarters. A few members of the legal fraternity think they are above the law and can therefore indulge in despicable acts. They have tarnished the fair name of their noble profession. Before things go from bad to worse, the lawyers should resume work. – G.Ramalingam, Chennai.
Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, March 11, 2009 (“Letters to the Editor”)
Grateful thanks to Mr.G.Ramalingam and The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper.

Lettters-62: "Srikrishna Report"

1. The editorial “Telling it as it happened” (The Hindu, March 7) has rightly pointed out that Justice B.N.Srikrishna has presented an objective report on the violence involving the police and the lawyers in the Madras High Court on February 19. It is about time the lawyers realised that they cannot resort to unlawful behaviour on emotive issues and consider themselves above the law. What is worrying is the failure of the court administration to nip the unruly acts in the bud. Equally worrying is the behaviour of the police who went berserk while carrying out the order of a lathi charge. I am sure there are norms in place for executing such orders. – Paingannan Senthil Kumar, Gurgaon.

2. Justice Srikrishna has rightly castigated the lawyers for their unruly behaviour and in equal terms the police for their excess action. The behaviour of a few lawyers has brought disgrace to the entire lawyer community. When the situation on February 9 reached alarming levels, the police were left with no choice except resorting to force. The lawyers forgot that they were an important part of the elite society and they have the responsibility to follow the law. Their attempts to pressure the judiciary to act in their interests speak of the extent to which vested interests have penetrated the so-called noble profession. The lawyers who are on a war path should realise that they can no longer hold society to ransom and put the litigants to hardship. It is earnestly hoped that wise counsel will prevail upon them and they will return to work without further complicating the issue. – Nemani Vivekananda Rao, Hyderabad.

3. Justice Srikrishna’s report proves that the lawyers acted as if they were above the law. The police have also come in for criticism for their high-handedness. That the very people who pray for justice and enforcement of human rights in courts violated the principles of law and resorted to unruly behaviour is unfortunate. One hopes better sense will prevail on both the police and lawyers and they will work in harmony as law-abiding citizens. – Varijakshan Edakkazhiyoor, Malappuram.

Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, March 9, 2009 (“Letters to the Editor”)

Grateful thanks to Paingannan Senthil Kumar, Nemani Vivekananda Rao, Varijakshan Edakkazhiyoor and The Hindu.